You earn it – they waste it

From Phil Wenich, somewhere far too close to the North pole.

It is Christmas 2012 and therefor a time to be merry.
Indeed, the houses i see around here do have their usual lighting outside, and the family gatherings too seem to go on as if they where still still in the year 0001. But, so far so good, nothing seems to indicate any great looming fiscal or social problems right now.

image curtesy of webgl.comYet, i have sensed an entire truckload of problems that either already exist or will creep up on the majority of us.
Let me define.
Us are the normal Western style of consumer society people.
Us can be the working class, the sick and elderly, the students, the middle class all together, everyone that somehow receives money into their left hand – and spends (or must spend) it about as fast with their right hand!
We are the world, we define the median modern human race (if you’d agree).

Who is missing from that “us” category?
The really rich you already noticed, but, you probably did not notice the other group, the “administrators”!
What makes these 2 groups so different from “us” and why would that even be an issue as far as the well being of our modern societies fiscal wealth is concerned?

The rich – why are they called rich – because they have done something that runs contrary to our current consumer societies structure, they hoard stacks and stacks of money away from the regular flow of cash.
That’s a bit like the Government printing money that goes straight down a dead-end route called bank vaults (of this ultra-rich group of people), somehow a total waste.
Yet, that’s all there is to it, it’s in the broader nature of human beings to save something for all or any possible future time of hardship, we cannot really blame anyone for stacking cash away for that matter.

banks office towersThe administrators – what’s wrong with this group you might ask.
Years ago i used to compare administrations (of governments as well as of corporations) as the dinosaurs of our times. Ever hungry, ever getting bigger and thus even more needy for food (pronounced “money”) to keep up the modus operandi.
The top end of this group usually sits in fancy office chairs in even fancier administrative palaces and they hold meetings at the finest places in town – and, most of us seldom enough ask “who is paying for all of this”?
Well, apparently more and more, we are!

“We” are the ones that have very limited rights (besides voting unpopular or useless politicians eventually out of office perhaps) to tell our representatives what they must do with our money, or, in the case of corporations, what must be in their policies! Policies entirely made up by the corporations themselves – we, more or less, can only sign or not sign that we agree. Once we have opened a bank account we have also signed such a piece of paper full of small print that basically allows the bank to do whatever it wants with our money.

So far this is all old news, we have opened so many bank accounts, in fact, our technological age is based on having bank accounts with credit cards attached to it, we have become totally dependent on banks, credit card institutions, technology services and energy providers.

And here is where things start to drift apart….
“Us” are paying out of our pockets for these services, but the Government and Banks apparatus don’t!
The Government takes taxes from us, completely normal – unless the Government spends way more money than they actually get from “us”, and the banks too spend way more money on their own infrastructural overhead than they actually earn by investing their customers money.

It would have all been okay with “us” if these “dinosaur” entities would have made sure that their internal cost is and remains in a healthy balance with their actual income – but these stupidoo’s no longer can!

Remember, dinosaurs, huge over sized bodies – little brains, not good in a world where only the fittest survive.

As this bad situation in our modern consumer society keeps on moving from bad to worse i have adjusted my point of view about these “‘enemies of the people”.
Corporations like Banks as well as Governments have done zero to downsize their internal cost to balance their budgets – but they have been almost hyper active to
A: steal more from the rich
B: take away even more from the poorest and the working poor!

The question here is, can “us” simply be okay with this development, especially since this trend is unlikely to stop in the near future because no one at Government or Corporate levels can get themselves to realize they are on a self destructive path.
Why self destructive?
ruin-of-former-castleI now also like to use the comparison to something the German language calls “Raubritter” (robber barons according to translation online).
These not-so-fine people from the long gone past too had their castles, usually high above some narrow passages where the average folks had to pass through, and they too would claim this passage now belongs to them and anyone wanting to pass through must pay a toll.
Also here, those seeking passage where people that worked with their hands, either on the land or producing some useful goods and services to make their own income – while those robber barons did absolutely nothing really productive, they just robbed valuables from others to finance their frivolous life styles.

Can you see the comparison now?
Today’s administrative systems sit in palaces too, they all have a great life style with plenty of social benefits should they ever need it, top managers and leaders are still paid like there is no tomorrow and are still able to jump off the cliff with a golden parachute – all paid for by “us”!
I recall the times when i admired all these wonderful administrative castles, they seemed to tell me “look, things are going great” – but that was BEFORE i had to pay my bank to give them my money so they could invest my money to make money for themselves!
That was long before Governments and Corporations started to throw millions, if not billions into IT solutions, probably the most troublesome source of excessive overhead at these administrative systems as IT never sleeps, constantly needs more and more money for updates, upgrades, new hardware, new software, new everything – all paid for by “us”, including tons of electronic spyware and databases that turns “us” into complete glass citizens – while the glass government, some once wanted, has never become a reality.

Now i’d like to zoom out a bit, take the birds eye view onto the world we live in from the overall angle.
You may recall some society system called communism?
You may also recall how it crumbled, and even why, after all, it’s not all that long ago that it happened.
They say the world rotates from East to West, thus, communism was the thing in the East, naturally it crumbled first.
I say “first”, because we right now observe that this trend has moved West, stationed now in the Middle East.
People there too are fed up with oppressive systems in place, and the battle for freedom is awful and awfully painful to watch from afar, but i do wish and i am absolutely convinced this part of the world will eventually find a new social system better than the old restrictive and abusive one.

So, if this trend moves from East to West and is currently stationed in the Middle East, what do you think is coming next??
Good guess!
North America??
Well, that’s than the farthest point West, so it may not happen immediatly as it happens in Europe, but, if natures logic is indeed following logical patterns or rythms it will get there too eventually.

But let’s look at Europe as the candidate for the near future.
Europe is especially interesting in this regard because it has it’s history well documented – and they have been through this kind of turmoil before.
Just look at all the ruins (or some of the remaining and maintained) robber barons castles all across Europe.
One fine day back then the people too had enough of the abuse of “castle owning bums” that produce nothing but live like kings off stealing valuables from honest hard working folks.

Today’s administrators start to look like these too, only this time we might call them “office chair bums”.
Uhh, now some of them will be offended, they see their jobs as valuable services to the community – and, make no mistake, that is EXACTLY what it is, and many of these office chair administrators can rightfully be proud of what they are doing for the community as a whole. Even top managers can do great jobs and move their departments in the right direction, understand the currents of time and act in accordance – yet, there is this flaw, and this flaw stinks, they cannot stay within their budgets – and make others pay for it!

So, going into the business of predicting some future, i fear the modern consumer society eventually get’s killed by it’s administrative branches, people will take to the streets, maybe even to those administrative castles around and either successfully demand from corporations and governments to clean up their ailing systems to once again become self sufficient and sustainable – without stealing from the wealthy and short hand the so called beneficiaries to a degree these vitally important consumers can no longer function as such and thus stop the flow of money even further.
A social system that has everyone scared of tomorrow breeds people that save every penny.
A well oiled social system that makes everyone confident that tomorrow will be just fine breeds people who will spend what they have, and the latter is the only way to get a modern economy back on track.

So, summarized, the buck sits in office chairs at administrative palaces all across the modern nations, and it needs to get up and act before the “us” has had it and rises up to forcefully get themselves a better new system.
I sure hope they not only read the message but also find the muse to get on to it.

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