Women soccer

We could not believe our eyes!

We sat in front of the TV here in Canada – and flip through the channels in search for some acceptable form of nightly entertainment. We found a crime series, that was quite alright, but once the next commercial break came up we kept on flipping channels – and got to life coverage of a woman’s football match playing in Germany at the FIFA Woman’s World Cup Germany 2011. Canada vs. France, already the pairing sounded like a classic, so we took a closer look.
About an hour later we knew it all, who says woman’s football is not exiting!

Sure, there is an obvious contrast to the mens side, the ball doesn’t get kicked as hard, the girls run a tad slower, the physical involvement is less hard.
The match simply took off to an exiting show not to be missed soon after we finished to “study” the players on both sides, here our assessment: The Canadian girls looked physically stronger than the French girls, but it also quickly became apparent they had their minds filled with how important their game was to all of them – which in turn put some mental blockage on their entire attitude and routine (that’s just our opinion). Meanwhile the French girls looked like this is for them nothing more than yet another day at the office, like they play these kinds of matches more or less every day, relaxed yet incredibly agile.
Passing the ball around within their own occassionally looked like they learned from the Spanish men’s world champions team, we saw male teams do worse than these Frensh girls.

The Canadian side had nothing to match the technical skills nor agility of the French, they where simply out played and out classed, at best this was a great lesson for them on where they need to improve for future world cup appearances.

Obviousely, we thourougly enjoyed the flowing game of the French, and, their approach on scoring goals reflected their general attitude. Hit the ball precise so it finds it’s target. They did this 4 times successfully, just like that, lets hope we see more such football matches played by top class female national players from around the world and there’s no reason why womans football should not bring about the same hype and exitment men’s games do!

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  1. Helena

    Hi There, great article on the Canada vs. France woman’s football match in Bochum.

    I was watching the game myself, and, all though i am Canadian, the match was indeed exiting to watch, and your observation on the Canadian girls side unfortunately was spot on, i thought they lacked that icing on the cake mentality that usually decides games, they got kind of undecided on what to do next each time they came close a scoring opportunity.

    The French girls on the other hand sometimes looked to me like the Dutch men’s squad, just playing around while shooting a goal here and there.

    This is going to be just as exiting as the man’s world cup, i can assure of this!

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