Women kicking (a football)

Hold on to your cows dear cowboys, we think we saw a pussy cat!
Sorry, we meant to say we saw some exciting football matches once again at that current FIFA Woman’s World Championships in Germany.

Again it was by accident that we turned on the TV and stumbled right into the second half of France vs. Germany.
It’s an instant classic, you know it as soon as you hear the 2 Nations names – and we think it’s save to say the game will be one of the more memorable games in the history of woman football.
As the photo shows, the German players enjoyed the game, but, we just became fans of the French team anyway, they really do play exiting football.
The only reason both teams went hard at this final groups game despite both being already qualified for the second stage was who they would have to play next.
The winner would face Japan, the loser England, and the general assumption was that Japan is easier to beat.

At the same time the Canadian girls had to play their final game of the tournament against the gals from Nigeria.
Nope, they had no real chance those Canadian girls, they where outplayed also by the Nigerians. This match was not exactly exiting to watch, some girls kicking a ball up and down a football field, their technical skills in stark contrast to the French and German sides. The Canadian TV reporter summed it up about right, low self confidence for the Canadian team.
We kind of suspect that is the general problem within the Canadian mentality these days, nobody dares to do anything special anymore, nobody likes to stand out, everybody just puts up and shuts up and all is oh so politically correct, one could scream out loud and tell ’em so, but we think that’s when they would start to bark back – well girls, to late for that, Oh Canada can save some money and go home early, slightly dejected.

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