Windows 8 review November 2012

Why is Microsoft Windows 8 so bad?

Uhps, there we said it right out, we think Windows 8 is a “vegetable shop”!

ugly looking Windows 8 interface
If it looks like a vegetable store, but isn’t as healthy as a vegetable – it must be Windows 8 !

Oh no, so much negativism right off the bat, eieiei …

Anyway, let’s get to our reason for saying “Windows 8 is bad”.
We will not post any performance benchmarks or other technological mumble here, we focus solely on the “human factor” in computing!

So, if Windows 8 is bad, why so??

Let’s roll up the story line on home computing to understand this first.
When computers started to become main stream home equipment we all had to sit down and learn a lot of new things, especially also how the operating system installed on a PC / Mac works, how it can be customized to our individual needs and so on …

Over the years gone by these operating systems have evolved, and each time we had to learn a bit something new again to keep up with the latest technological evolution, but overall, say from Windows XP onward, we pretty much could buy a new desktop or laptop, plug it in and get going with it. We more or less knew the basics.

Out of all the electronic equipment we use these days on a daily basis, computers, the operating systems on them plus all the software we might need alongside, have been the most complicated piece of e-equipment by far.
No wonder people jumped on tablet PC’s!

And now came along a couple of prehistoric cavemen (speaking in computer ages of course) and had the inglorious idea of creating something new, an operating system for computers that can do it all on any device, touch screen or keyboard driven – great!

Why are we calling them prehistoric cavemen then?
Well, they completely forgot the human evolution that should stand at the top spot of attention and interest when it comes to computing – we want to plug it in and get on with it, got it?

Hold it slacker” they said, learning new tricks is good for your brain cells they claim, and sure, they are right about that, a new challenge to figure out a new OS, that can only be good for our brains in the long run…….
Hmm, we’d say “sure, but…”. If we have to go back to the beginning of (computer) time and once again spend 50% of our time spent in front of a PC just to figure out how to do what we want to do on a new operating system, than Microsoft clearly developed something that is out of touch with real human beings!

Look further, look at the year we life in, 2012, a super lousy year during which many of us feel stressed out and overwhelmed by so many things we should / could / would like to do – but just haven’t got the time for it all – and into this dilemma comes good old MS and pops a new OS that’s all BS (uhps, that just rhymed nicely, we didn’t mean to say that..) that literally forces us to find somehow somewhere many many additional hours on the PC to figure out all the nonsense they came up with on Windows 8!
Thanks for that – oh, by the way dear Microsoft, when can we get our hands on Windows 9 please, you know, a Windows version we can just start up and do everything we want with right away??

So, there you have it.
Yet, we asked a bit around at the computer stores.
“Are these new Windows 8 desktop and laptop PC’s selling”?
– Yes they told us.

“Do the customers like the new Windows 8”?
– Yes they do they tell us, in fact they even tell us Microsoft is now taking big bites out of Apples sales thanks to Windows 8 – true or false, we can’t be bothered with the facts.

“Can we buy a new computer with the unfortunate Windows 8 on it – but kick it out and install instead Windows 7 or so”?
– Nope, we can not recommend that, these new PC’s are built especially for Windows 8 and there could be all sorts of trouble installing any older Windows version instead they tell us. Eieiei, limited options too with Windows 8 eh??

“Why should Windows 8 be any better than some of the previous Windows versions we at least knew instantly how they work”?
– It’s more stable they claim – Uhh, oh, we haven’t had any freezes or crashes with Windows XP Pro in a century (or so), how more stable can stable be stable than this stable??

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  1. Albert P. Rundee

    Thanks for this interesting point of view about the new Windows 8 OS from Microsoft.
    I share your opinion, it is about time computers operating systems are for out-of-the-box ease of use.
    Windows 8 is more like a start-fixing-it-while-its-all-new piece of work!

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