Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The answer straight up first and then the reasoning.

The chicken was, of course, first!!

(Instead of “chicken” you could take the particular creature that was the very first one to internally produce a shell around its fetus to …
A: give it a clear streamlined shape to squeeze out reasonably easily
B: give the fetus some protection once outside it’s mother’s womb until ready to burst free).

The trick here is this..
.. ask yourself the following 2 questions:

Could an egg have invented the chicken??
Could a chicken have invented the egg??

what was first, the chicken or the egg straight answer
What was first, the chicken or the egg, the straight up answer

When you look at it from this angle the answer is obvious, an egg can not create anything, it is only a shell that holds the form of life the parent animals have created – thus, at some point in evolution some animal (or animals) used their small amount of the 5th element (Spirit, the creative element that creates living things from earth, air, fire and water, read more on the new 6 basic elements of life) to slowly invent the dual purpose shell around their offspring while still in the mother’s womb so she can squeeze it out before it may get to big and dangerous for her. The ingenious shape protects her as well as the fetus during the squeeze-out process and remains as a protection until the fetus is ready to break free on its own.

An egg has no brains to invent a chicken ladies and gentlemen, how stupid can all these scientists be that drove themselves to madnessĀ over this question??


    • It was late at night when i put my thoughts down in writing here at the TopQuantum blog for opinionated people Parker, that is why i kept it short and sweet.

      Today i am not exactly on the ball yet so i would just say what my logic tells me.
      Looking at the fact that my view of creation is totally non-religious, meaning “my” world consists of 6 basic elements, this would lead to one answer only …

      If time is one of the basic elements and we know time never stops and thus never starts somewhere (other than our human based creation of various time counting formats) we are looking at a consistent circular motion.

      In other words, Earth was not flat but round – the same goes for time.
      With anything flat you do have a clear start and a clear end. With anything round / circular there is neither an end nor a beginning. You can only ascribe an artificial endpoint to it to simplify certain measuring and understanding methods.

      If time has no end and no beginning this would simply mean creation (or the universe) has neither end or beginning.
      Big bang theory??
      Not with the above scenario. Maybe in local spots, maybe some planetary systems and formations were formed after a big bang somewhere else in the universe, but there was no “instant creation” of a universe, just as there was no instant creation of either the egg or the hen.

      Hope that is good enough for the moment.

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