When Corporations bake bread the world melts down!

Don't we know it, plastic bread, smells like the cheap plastic shower curtains in our bathrooms, tastes like poisoned cardboard
Don't we know it, plastic bread, smells like the cheap plastic shower curtains in our bathrooms, tastes like poisoned cardboard

How about that, right next to our article about the porn industry we now place one about societies biggest enemies.
Yes, dinosaurs did not really go extinct, they are right among us, constantly looking for prey to feed their insatiable hunger.
Nope, they do not actually have humans for breakfast or lunch, they also don’t look like the animals back then.

The modern days dinosaurs are officially named “Corporations”, big bodies that can hardly be attacked by any individual nor brought down easily, a huge systemic apparatus within which no single person is really held responsible or accountable it seems.

Oh, wait, there are more dinosaurs, these ones are of a slightly newer make but they have formed after the corporate model and their fancy little name would be??
Alright, we’ll name it for you than – Governments!

Spot the similarities?
No one responsible for their actions, a totally stiff apparatus that needs twice as much “food” (tax dollars) than they can shake out of the named poor souls that are the only ones left standing to actually do some real physical work to produce or repair things, the general tax payer, or simply called “food” by the corporate and governing dinosaurs!

So, let’s start to zoom into this problem a bit closer:
Corporations baking bread, did you really think that’s just some kind of a saying??

Nope, it ain’t, in fact they do bake bread, and we’d like to take their bread as our first example. We call it plastic bread. In fact it has so much crap in it that original natural and wholesome breads never had in them. You instantly ask yourself why or what for. Well, for one this is your fine fine Corporation baking it, and to them it is not food as in energy to keep us strong and healthy, it is a business about fiscal numbers. The cheapest, crappiest ingredients are just fine, and above that some of these unhealthy ingredients extend the shelf life of their weird breads, so a win win situation for their business model, who cares about the customer.
Oh, wait, pardon us, they actually noticed a somewhat dissatisfied feeling amongst customers – or, was that just that they realized there is a trend back to more natural wholesome foods exactly because they have sold to and fed their customer for years with junk and crap, and once they all got fat from eating artificially enriched chicken, beef and artificially modified field crops, so they had the great idea to also start baking real bread like bakers used to – and sell it at an especially high price, after all, natural healthy food is – well, healthier, and hence they can charge more for it.
Well, they could not have done all this if it wasn’t for the fact that they had totally taken over, controlling every single veggie that citizens could buy with next to no alternative left over.

healthy bread
Healthy bread, as seen somewhere in Utopia or baked by some one other than a corporation

So, if we had never changed our habits and kept on buying real bread from a small private bakery around 4 corners that got their flour from some small farmer they know since early childhood just outside of town we would still eat fresh wholesome bread at okay prices!

Why make a big fuss of all this and call it “the world melts down” over it??

We look at this development (that sure leaves little room for optimism anymore) from a North American angle, the continent that had once the biggest numbers of dinosaurs roaming planet Earth (well, that’s not our scientifically proven fact, we just think we heard that somewhere because there is some major skeleton findings out in the prairies of the West).
You want to buy a mattress anywhere in North America??
Great, no problem, you can buy them anywhere – but, you quickly realize, no matter what super name the store has you go to, they all have about 2 or 3 brands and that’s it, a few Corporations control the business of what you sleep on too.
Bread, toothpaste, fruit and veggies, meat, cable TV providers, in comparison you find an almost abundant number of banks that offer their services – in short, North American is ruled and controlled by a handy small amount of Corporations – and no one seems to know the classic saying “small works better”.

Compare this doomed business model with the one in Europe. Europe is shaky too, also has big control freakish and greedy Corporations  Рbut the middle class and small family businesses do still exist in abundance, the buyer always has a huge amount of various options.
If you have ever spent time in Europe, one of the first things you probably observed was the amazing variety of different cars driving around in comparison to the – oh yes, a few Corporate styles with limited creative ideas here on North American streets.
North American car makers invent remote controlled doors and pop a TV into a car – European car makers . well, we can’t extend this blog entry with everything they invent here.

We have no own experience from within Asian countries business models, but we would assume the word flexible would apply.

But, let’s go back to North America and look a bit closer to Canada. It’s a nice, quiet country, right? It sure ain’t, it must be “officialized”, it’s a hideous situation in this country because no one dares to say it out loud, everyone just swallows twice and let’s try to somehow navigate through the poop they are also stuck in

Farms can’t just grow the way they want to – guess why? A couple of big fertilizer Corporations also control this segment!
Since years there seems to be a galloping inflation that drives prizes up, but not salaries so much, and, somewhere we read that Canada has the most open and hidden taxes of any country in the world, and a Government can only do such things to cowards, most other nations would have long stood up against the abuse.

It is also in Canada where big cable corporations that more or less operate in a monopoly situation can request that their customers stay at home for 5, 7 or more hours waiting for a service guy that might come or might not and has zero responsibility to even make a courtesy call to cancel the appointment – and, being synonymous for the ugly term “Corporations”, no one at the Corporation can be reached for a complaint or to pick up some responsibility.

No class, no style, just a pile – well, there is a name for this, and the name was not invented by us, but once we heard it we knew instantly where it came from and what it means. White trash is not an expression for poor people. White trash is a term invented by North Americans for North Americans, and this can be a lying president, a totally irrational ceo or a politician who has learned nothing else in life than how to tell people what they want to hear, as long as he has to face them, while doing nothing or something else once they have moved out of sight.

Politicians are dinosaurs.
They don’t eat people for breakfast etc. either, they only suck the life (money) out of them. If things go wrong, as they do everywhere these days, they simply start to blame the weakest link of the chain, the social losers, the welfare recipients, the school kids perhaps or finally the tax payer.
So, let’s take also a closer look at politicians in the early 21st century.
We’d like to put it bluntly. Once upon a time every town seemed to have a fool or two, usually just some totally dumb nerds, but it would almost appear that today’s village fools are established at the top of the political apparatus. “Appear” because they are, of course, clever enough to look for themselves first and make sure they get their nice big slice while they can, what happens after they leave or get kicked out of office is of no concern because no one can seriously hold them accountable for anything.
Yet (or because of it) being a politician is a desirable career. They study at a university, they get told what to do when dealing with sub-servant people, how to be in charge – but aparently not how to keep the books in balance, how to respect the hard earned money they are trusted with by their fellow citizens.

It is unnatural that those who pay and work (and we mean work as a matter of fixing and producing things, not just wearing down office chairs and thrones in disguise) become slaves to those that receive their money, especially not when it is obvious that those “leaders” are in fact the new fools of the town, dumber than the police would allow (but that means nothing because the police is also under their control).
What a great system – if you managed to find yourself a position that allows you to just reach out your hands and get paid about as much as you wish, and if anyone dares to take to the streets and protest against the failed establishment you can even order an army, armed and protected to the tiniest toe, paid for by those that want to stage protest against you, to stop the “unruly gang”.

Finally, if we compare Corporations and the political apparatus with dinosaurs, we would probably also be aware that the dinosaurs did not survive the first big food shortage due to natural circumstances.
Why should there be any reason to assume the current ones would exist longer, we truly hope not, evolution must prevail, a new order of our societies will be necessary for us all if we want to continue the kind of lifestyles we have become accustomed to – or is it maybe that we all need to switch from fat years to lean ones and start to bake our own breads again?

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