Washington, the worlds most expensive theater stage

  • The great masters of big promises (never to be kept) are still swinging from tree to tree.
  • Monkeys wearing their best suits (paid for by others).
  • The US of Irrational People (formerly known as US of A) has been defeated by it’s worst enemy ever! The military complex of the USA!

Sure, that attack on the WTC in New York was a truly terrible thing, but, if it would have happened in any country that does not qualify for the title “Irrational People” it would have remained just that.

But, it has happened in the country of the Irrationals, and we have all watched what unfolded.
Instead of using secret agents to infiltrate and destroy terrorist cells, at a few million bucks of cost per year, the Irrationals chose to make full use of the opportunity to shuffle money, endless loads of it, towards the infamous military complex.
Wars at incredible cost no one can afford have been the end of empires before the US took center stage in our times.

Washington has lied and lied about all the reasons for all the wars against small nations that never stood a chance against the US army, no one has ever admitted that the main reason for all the warfare was plain and simple; if there are no wars Washington can not divert billions or trillions to the military complex!

We don’t want to get into the morals of things here, like all the killing on foreign soil by the US military and their mighty weapons of mass destruction, often used against civilians, like in Japan and Germany, no, we want to look at their surviving victims – the people of the US of Irrational People.

We know there are wonderful and upright people in that country too, great entertainers, story tellers, comedians – but certainly no great politicians or corporate leaders!

It may well turn out that once a bunch of people have formed a group of interest in good old US of Irrational People they kind of become “blinded by their own light”, good intentions turn into greed, broad visions into “see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing” syndromes.

So, over the past 10 or so years the military complex, greatly aided by their colleagues in top political positions in Washington, well deservedly renamed into “Theater Capitol of the World”, has managed to totally bankrupt the ordinary people of their very own country!

Some would argue that it was the real estate bubble, but that alone was just another drop on an already overheated stone.

Right now the world is watching with growing tension about what kind of promises and band aid solutions those theater stage actors will come up between now and the beginning of August, when they say the nation will run out of money or has reached their incredible debt ceiling. At present we have no reason to be overly worried, actors and liars always find some solution to talk themselves out of trouble, remember the Germans and their famous “Im Osten nichts neues” expression – while in fact everything was falling apart for them in quick intervals?

What are we looking at nowadays when we look to Washington?
Beggars that have yet to even understand the situation they got themselves into. Beggars that still behave like they dominate the world!

In younger years we once came across a short comic strip. It was about a warrior monkey that managed to defeat all uprising enemies. Once he was more or less certain he was the strongest left standing he drummed on his chest, screaming out “i am the king here, no one can stop me now” – and, in the next picture frame we saw an eraser appear, slowly erasing the comic figure the artist had created!

Another comic story for you??
Have you seen the movie Fantastic 4, the rise of the Silver Surfer?
The scene with Galacticus, the humongous creature that would “eat” up every bit of energy of entire planets, leaving them behind as completely dead wastelands??
This comic artist was American too!
We’d like to call the US military complex Galacticus, they have sucked their own nation – plus a number of foreign nations – completely dry, until there was nothing left over.

Is it all just painting black what isn’t all that bad in the end?
Yes, to a certain part we simply live in “cry Wolf” times, we see to many shadows, to many worst case scenarios – while in the end all these problems piling up around us slowly get solved one way or another.
As we sometimes say, “it takes a pessimist to change the world – because optimists have no need to change anything”.

In Europe we have also seen nations more or less defaulting, Italy once had a horrible reputation and an even worse currency, so did Poland, even Israel once had a currency situation that required a backpack full of cash to buy a loaf of bread (well, almost), and what about Iceland more recently – yet, all these nations are still around, so it can’t be all that bad, right??

Well, we tend to think that the real losers in the case of a defaulting US of Irrational People is not the US, they’ll basically get away with murder on this one too, but it will be those that lent them all the cash!

But let’s look at a scenario in which the former world leader turned beggar nation really falls on it’s knee’s and leaves the world stage behind penniless and probably heart broken as well.
We wish to try and see the brighter side of this scenario, and that would be that the glorious times of irrationalism would come to an end, that the US would stop harassing foreign tourists wanting to visit, after all, some of the most precious source of revenue, and just open up to FREEDOM of movement for the world to see all of the nations incredible natural beauty that still exists.

Finally some scenes from US television about border protection problems along the US – Mexico border come to mind, in which US vigilantes tell Mexican intruders that Mexico needs a revolution.
We think the US needs a revolution even more so, one that ends up in the people regaining complete control over their politicians!


  1. Joe Malbeck

    Hi there,
    i enjoy your writing style and am intrigued by some of your points of view, and i completely agree with your point that our problem is the military complex that has messed us up economically.
    It would interest me though, what’s with that “Irrational People” thing, are you just trying to insult an entire nation here or do you have some more background experience that lead you to make such a claim??

    • Well made observation Joe.
      Is it insulting to call an obviously obese person fat – these days, and especially in North America yes, simply because the word fat was replaced by the word obese, to make things sound better.
      Is it insulting to call someone commonly known as stupid well, stupid? In North America this would probably also be a yes, politically correct(er) would perhaps be intellectually limited or handicapped, right?
      Which would lead us to irrational. If we would know a politically more correct description of the currently very descriptive and accurate term irrational we would most likely use that term instead as it is not our goal to go against what Europeans call “Netiquette”, be nice online.

      To give you another, not politically related example of why we call America these days the home of irrational people:
      Once upon a time in Panama City, Fla.
      3 people step out of a Greyhound bus at the local bus depot.
      3 suitcases are pulled out of the luggage compartment by the driver, all 3 have PC as final destination tag on them.
      2 people instantly pick up their luggage by showing their corresponding luggage stub to the bus depot clerk.
      1 person tries to get the final piece of luggage, but it appears that he lost or misplaced his luggage stub.
      Now comes the hysteria into play, the thing we call American irrationality.
      The bus depot clerk starts yelling at the remaining sole passenger that wants to pick up his luggage, “leave the premises immediately, i call the police now”!
      So, the poor fellow must pull in his tail, step off the property and wait until the police arrives on the scene and clarifies a couple of things.
      In contrast the rational thing would have looked like this:
      The bus depot clerk counts the bits and pieces together, 3 pieces of luggage, 2 claimed, 1 passenger left over that got off, 1 piece of luggage left over with a tag saying it’s owner only goes to Panama City. If still uncertain the clerk could have stepped inside the bus and asked the remaining passengers if anyone still needs to get off here, and eventually could have made a rime on the situation overall and observe that the odds are extremely high this last passenger and the last piece of luggage most likely belong together, simple as that.

      Now to an example from political America:
      A tourist arrives at an airport somewhere in the US.
      Customs detects that this tourist has left the US once 1 days after his visa waver had expired, a couple of years back. But wait, customs detects yet another one of these, that time it was even 2 days past the expiry date, and dating even more years back, well, that does it, customs files some 100 papers or so – and puts the tourist back on the plane to fly him back where he came from!
      Turns out that tourist has been spending some of his cold winter months in the southern states of the US since 15 or 20 years, and probably brought in a pretty nice little sum of revenue!
      Now, if the US would have been such a wealthy nation that it could afford to run such kinds of laws and treatments everything would still qualify under rational, but a broke country hurting it’s own business over peanuts, that is beyond irrational, that is outright masochistic to us.

      See what we mean by calling them irrationals?? Elsewhere they go by the saying “think first, act later”, it’s the rational peoples choice.

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