troubling Laptop reviews summer 2014

I spent a lot of online time to read reviews and do (literally) my homework for buying a new laptop.laptop

In addition i also spent a lot of time at all sorts of electronics stores playing around with laptops or ultra books they had on display.

After all the time spent i draw the following conclusion:
The current laptop manufacturer’s are all over the place!!
Some are nicely innovative – but NONE so far was able to produce something that simply is right and perfectly working!

But let me start with my current laptop, a Toshiba Satellite Pro from way back than when dinosaurs still roamed the prairies … or so it seems for a 2004 model.
It can no longer keep up with the incredibly bloated browsers, but it had everything i needed in the right proportions and just kept working and working and ….

I never had a computer that did not have it’s own dedicated graphics card and my Toshiba had a really great crisp matte screen and the typical great Toshiba keyboard.

Which brings me to the specs i would want in a new laptop:
i7 4000+ quad core
dedicated graphics card
matte screen
15.6 inch IPS panel at least FHD but preferably QHD
solid built

Okay, if i look for the above specs there are options out there – but guess what, i have one more requirement that NO manufacturer ever mentions in their product description – how wide does the screen open??

My Toshiba can open to exactly 150 degrees, that’s the minimum i need to place the laptop at a roughly 45 degrees stand-up angle on the desk, so i have the screen at good eye height while the keyboard is still relatively close to the surface of the desk.

So, this is where i begin to ask myself what is wrong with all these laptop manufacturers these days, what great difficulty can there be to simply make it a minimal standard that all laptops can open up to 180 degrees??

But, that’s why i am saying, they are all over the place, it appears like a bunch of CEO’s surf from their deluxe office chairs in their deluxe office suites on their deluxe desktops around their possible peripherals list and pick up various components and than tell their workers to fix this all together somehow – what’s up with that, can’t make any thoroughly planned and built machines anymore??

Than we also have Windows coming into the picture.
Did you know these poor Seattle based cheese (software) producers can’t keep up with the latest trend in techno production capabilities??
For Windows 8 the world is flat (hmm, that’s more precise than i thought at first when i look at it’s boring “tiles”) – flat in a sense that it is not capable dealing with screen resolutions higher than 2400 pixels or so in width – meaning the latest trend to UHD screens turns out ultra small menus and icons and what have you inside Windows windows and apparently also in so many other software titles – yet, Windows 9 has already been announced to come out in 2015, but no word on adjustments for these clearly up and coming high res screens!!

But, back to the hardware.

Let’s do this by brands (and don’t get me wrong, this is my personal point of view and nothing but).

The worst 2 brands when it comes to the opening angles of screens appear to be Dell and HP.
Is there anyone working at these 2 manufacturer’s that uses one of their own products in their daily lives??
If so i am just curious how they use laptops that sometimes can open up to some mere 120 degrees or so??
They all must have rubber necks or where born dwarfs??

So, i kind of don’t even look at these 2 brands anymore, all though HP has now come out with a copy cat of the Lenovo Yoga 2 (always an honour to a product when others start to copy it).

So, let’s look at Lenovo laptops next.
The most innovative laptop manufacturer at this time, they come up with some fancy stuff i really love to look at – from a safe distance that is.
Lenovo’s Yoga 2 is a great example here, so they make a 360 degree opening screen, add a greater than QHD wonderful screen to the package – but than the internet forums are full with “what happened to yellow” issues.
Take a quick test, go to, scroll just a bit down until you see their really flashy yellow toolbar – in that particular Lenovo it’s not even yellow, it’s veggie greenish!!
Another example is Lenovo’s gamer laptop, the Y series.
Yes, exactly, Y as in why did they build such an awesome looking piece of hardware of great built quality – but than the reviews are full of “totally dull screen”??

So, Lenovo, always one flaw to look for, the classic of great ideas that never completely jell into a simply perfect laptop.

Than we hop on over to Acer laptops.
Oh my, Acer must be the older sister of Lenovo, did you ever look at their super sexy little S7 model??
Wowee Zowee, i almost fell in love with the thing – until i noticed the WiFi connection kicks itself out whenever a fly buzzes across the horizon somewhere between here and the Himalayan mountains, and that is oh so great in a machine that’s not exactly cheap and has no RJ45 jack built in!!
Some other models come with very twitchy touch screens or touch pads
What are these people thinking, isn’t this almost criminal to sell stuff like this??

So, what’s left over, Samsung??
Nah, they seem to have disappeared from the laptop market over night.
SONY is gone too, but guess what, Toshiba is back (somewhat), but their machines have nothing anymore they used to have in the early 2000’s, wonder what on Earth is going on in this industry, not enough profit i guess to build something just right for anybodies needs??

Oh, i forgot, gamer’s laptops, it took me some extra effort to finally see a lower cost MSi laptop that – otherwise – would have had all the specs i wanted – but even there, can’t open the screen lid for more than 140 degrees …. sure, they have other models that can open to 180 degrees, but asking 2000 buckeroo’s for those models is beyond a reasonable budget for a piece of equipment that may last 5 years or less.

By now there’s probably this or that Mac user asking “why don’t you buy a Mac laptop”?
Well, i only got Windows software and i need those a lot.
While Mac’s usually have better specs for photo or video editing, their screens do not open to 150 degrees or more, so i still would have the exact same problem, i can’t buy a laptop that can’t let me open up that screen wide enough period!
Besides, i have to tell you, the Mac’s look a bit out of date right now, same old same old on the market, their OS also lacks a bit in modern appeal ….

Summarized, in the words of the Rolling Stones, “i see a red door (current laptops) and i want to paint it black (future simply perfect working laptop”!
Let’s try quality over chaotic mix’n match products for a change again dear laptop manufacturer’s – thanks in advance – oh, and the sooner the better please 🙂 if you can that is….

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  1. Uh Ah and Oi, almost forgot that other thing, you know, that thing they claim can replace your laptop, Windows Surface.
    A thing that has – WOW – 1 single lousy USB jack can replace your laptop, really, i am not sure what kind of laptop you have but i can use 3 USB jacks and just all the other connection ports a normal standard laptop offers.

    But the absolutely worst piece of garb they managed to put into that cheesy device is the camera.
    Buy any good Samsung tablet and you get a decent camera with AUTO FOCUS!!
    Take your pic and view it in full zoom and still be able to read the fine print of the label you just photographed for exactly that reason, to be able to read the fine print, and you can do so – but try this with what they built into the Surface cheese, outrageous garb, i would not dare to advertise such a lousy product but just try to shamefully sell it somewhere quietly on the black or grey markets.
    I think all Windows OS tablets have totally inferior cameras, but i could be wrong, anyway, one of the distinctive differences between laptops and tablets is to have a handy good front camera built in.

    So, also Microsoft is just bouncing up and down the chimney with halfwit products instead of something thought through properly that simply works for millions of totally different tastes and users – but that does not seem to be the strength of any manufacturer these days, asking consumers what they really really want!

    Sure, that extra sensitive layering the Surface 3 has built in to detect various levels of pressure by the pen or finger is a great thing – for artists or designers, but here we go again, one great thing plus one piece of total crap equals an odd product no one can really get warm with.

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