Time – the forgotten under rated basic element

Knowing the quality of time, how many people do you know who can tell you in what quality of time we live?
I suspect you know someone who can tell you that the times are bad, not looking good, okay, just fine or even great, but these are just expressions of instinct or common sense observations of a current state of affair, with very limited outlook, particularly with regard to the future.

Some would now come up with the famous phrase “but i don’t have a crystal ball” (to predict the future).
These people just don’t have a clue or don’t even try, they are useless for advice on what the future may hold for you or the world at large.

What seems more than odd to me is that no one teaches how to understand time!
Universities educate people to become professional politicians, administrators, bankers, CEOs. People can even take classes to learn how to give advice to others on how to invest their money – yet, there is nowhere they can learn how to measure and understand the quality of time!?

How can such people be leaders in society, without a clue what’s coming tomorrow or how long a certain quality of time, good or bad, will last?

To me this is a situation below par, simply because anyone without a clue of future trends will run into walls again and again during bad times, thinking something needs to be done – when in fact all that will be achieved is damage to their own skull or the destruction of social, political or financial systems that have worked quite well up to recently (like we see it happening now and since a few years).

Beyond any doubt, such leaders in politics and corporate big business are very destructive to society.

Wise people, with foresight or even better with knowledge of understanding time and how to measure its duration and qualities, will / would know what is the right time to go ahead with ideas and projects or investments. Equally, they know just as well as when to sit tight and wait out the storm and just do what’s necessary to keep the boat afloat as best as possible, because they already know when the storm is going to be over and brighter days lie ahead, during which plans, ideas and operations will work out positively again.

Looking at all 6 basic elements everyone knows both sides of the coin on the other 5 elements such as …
Earth gives everything a solid foundation – unless it cracks, shakes or shifts down a slope.
Water cleans and relaxes – unless it freezes or flows over its beds.
Fire keeps us warm and lightens up our minds and souls – unless it gets too hot or out of control.
Air rejuvenates our senses – unless it builds up to raging storms.
Even the creative 5th basic element Spirit has its two sides.
Spirit enables us to create – unfortunately also to create the means of destroying much of what is on the planet.

So, where does the sixth basic element Time fit in here?
Simply put, times can be bad or times can be good (or any shade in between).
Good (positive) times always help us all to advance and be at peace with each other while bad times lead to warfare and the abuse of a few on the masses etc.

In essence, time is incredibly important for our well being!
Yet no one teaches anyone how to read and understand the quality of time, past present and future, despite the fact that we have a measuring system in place?

Well, “no one” is a tad off the mark, as you see at my astrologyblog i do teach time!
But, as Supertramp once sang “.. if everyone was listening, you know …” no one really does and so the world spirals around like it always has, kind of immature, during bad times everyone wants to hit or blow up everyone else and during good times everyone thinks it will never end, but no one thinks ahead!

I would therefore, like to propose that more people who know teach TIME, so we can really make this world a better place where decision-making is not a matter of momentary instincts but rather is based on current situations as well as a clear understanding of the future!

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