The new era of robots that are better than humans

Today we have to realize that we can ask the Google robot a question in plain English and as a full sentence – and this particular type of robot will be happy to deliver us answers in less than a second or two – unlike our fellow humans!

If i ask my GF a question i usually get a question like “why do you ask?” in return instead of an answer, and if i insist on a straight answer we’ll fight for the next 5 hours without me ever getting an answer …

If i ask just somebody a question they might not know or tell me right out “why don’t you ask Google”!

Exactly, why don’t we robot?
Emotionless, do whatever they are told to and do it precise each time around.

Well, the answer is simple – they steal our jobs and turn us all into computer / software programmers, sitting all day and possibly all night long in front of pc monitors, a very unhealthy lifestyle overall.
I can not image we all want that!

My opinion – we need a legal framework to protect human labor from being whipped out by robots and technology in general, some sort of structure that allows technology where it makes sense and can do a better job than humans but prohibit or restrict robots in areas where humans can do the job just as well or where human labor is simply to valuable for society as a whole….

On that note, have you been talking / typing to that Bingleoogle robot lately?

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