The Keyboard Computer

slightly distorted laptopIf you came to this TopQuantum blog entry looking for something new and trending in the world of computers and especially laptops you are just about right – a few months or years ahead of time!

This is about what we really really want in a computer or laptop, unfortunately not yet a reality.

The all new keyboard computer is not entirely revolutionary, it’s just a regrouping act of various components used to compute on a daily basis.

The root of the idea for keyboard computers (instead of the rather heavy and bulky monitor computer that are currently floating around) is this:
Most of us have big incredible crisp HDTV’s at home these days. These monitors are also easily usable as computer screens, and that’s exactly where we want to go with our need for some computer manufacturer finally digging it – we only need a keyboard with a built in computer, that’s all, from there on in we would like to make our own personal choice in what screen or screen’s we want to use for the visual or audio part of computing – voila, dear computer manufacturer executive on one of those ultra high salaries, got it?
Than make it please!

The concept couldn’t be easier to establish as all components already exist.
It’s basically a laptop with a screen that can be removed!
Currently the computer manufacturer go the wrong way about this, they already make some laptops with removable screens – but the computer is built into the screen, meaning you have to drag this thing along where ever you want to visualize your computing.
These monitor computers also tend to get awfully hot and are usually just to heavy in comparison.

Building keyboard computers however would allow us all to – let’s say – travel around without having to carry a screen at all (or if so the screen could be taken along in any case and also still function as cover for the keyboard itself) and simply connect to an HDTV screen at our destination, either via WiFi or HDMI wire.

Do you – dear opinionated reader – think this idea could catch on?designer-keyboard


  1. Yolanda B.

    Interesting idea these keyboard computers, but why can’t you just use any regular laptop for this, they all connect to HDTV’s and most other modern screens already.

  2. usered

    In reply to Yolanda i want to explain this in more detail than the blog proprietor did.
    As i get older myself i started to look around for a bigger, better screen solution i can still read without glasses (have worked on laptops for 15 odd years up to this point).
    The computer store expert advised me to buy an HDMI cord and try using one of my two HDTV screens as monitors.
    I was blown away, no worries about reading and writing script without glasses anymore.
    Yet, there has always been one downside to this setup; the laptops screen is in the way!
    I can not tilt the screen any further than maybe 165 degrees, and putting the HDTV screen so high up that it is entirely above the laptop screen is uncomfortable for the neck because it is unnaturally high – so, i am in great support, i’d even say need of this type of idea, yes please, bring on keyboard computers, they make sense to me too!

  3. Darel Zumblatt

    You guys are complete dreamers here!

    The trend is with tablets and touch screens and i think touch screens require to have the computer elements right within the screen, but i could be wrong on this?

  4. Artist11

    Adding to that thought of touch screen vs. keyboard computer i ask you guys can you imagine computing without keyboards, or can you imagine computing without touching a screen?
    Don’t touch my screen Bro!
    As an artist i like the new options of free hand drawings or just being able to sign some document by hand, but touch screen is a solution to simplify small portable devices like super phones or tablets, made more for consumption that creativity.
    I try to picture a large touch screen screen and myself sitting in front of it, constantly raising my arms and hands to it’s eye level position and tap, drag and move stuff around in VERY close proximity of the screen – honestly, i can not see this as my future on a computer.

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