Pornography and 21st Century lifestyles

Please note: If you came here looking for “eye candy for adults” i am afraid you came to the wrong place.

We want to simply continue thinking (philosophically speaking) about the phenomenon called pornography in our times.

We see it this way:
It used to be that religion would tell Men and Women to get into a binding relation that would exclude sexual activities outside of their committed relation – yet, even back then that would never work for all and hardly work for most at all times.
The reasons are many, women would want to have a child with the strongest most promising male around – perhaps rather than with the one they got married to. While men would not get their daily dosage of arousal by their one-and-only gal at home, because women are complicated that way.

Then, finally, came the push for the big sexual freedom, somewhere in the 60’s. To have sex with as many different partners slowly became a fashion.
But, as always in the past when such cohabitation situations became wide spread, the downside of it did not let us wait for long, sexually transmitted diseases.

So, if sleeping around is too dangerous, the same old number with the same old partner to boring, what is left over??

Exactly, i call it “supermarket sex”.
Supermarket sex because it works in similar ways, instead of the old small corner store system where you had to stand on a counter and ask the store keeper to give you this and that and naturally had to talk to someone you would have preferred not to, the supermarket is basically impersonal anonymous shopping.
Same thing with porn.
Instead of the girl going out there looking for a soother she goes out there to buy some toys.
Instead of using all her sex appeal to lure in some stranger she now goes to a clean (hopefully) and safe studio and teases an impersonal mass of males – and might even get paid well for doing so, if not she might at least get a kick out of fantasizing about all the males that where looking at her in glossy magazines or somewhere online while she enjoyed herself or got served by (hopefully) clean  and safely chosen males.
And the males?
Well, they get to see all the girls they want, in all shapes, sizes and builds in absolutely no clothing or in any fetish clothing they could have ever dreamt up themselves or learned of by visiting porn sites, and these girls will do anything (well, almost, there are certain legal restrictions in place) a male could fantasize about.

So, if we look at the brightest possible side of porn we observe that there’s no safer sex than porn.
The girls don’t get knocked up, the guys don’t get trapped and neither gets any sexually transmitted diseases!
The downside is the same as in pretty much every other aspect of our lives in the 21st century, things have become unbelievably impersonal.
I see girls happier when they can send around SMS to their male buddies than when they have them actually around in person, when we go shopping we don’t want to be chatted up, we want to try and buy all by ourselves, old controlling systems like the fellows that would walk back and forth train wagons in European trains begin to vanish and being replaced by automated machine controls, heck even supermarkets are going for the automated self checkout, let’s hope this continues to a point where we all are also entitled by birth right to have our very own indoor pools!


  1. Tatum

    So true and very entertaining written this post, we truly life in an unpersonal world these days, and i myself am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

    P.S. did you also notice the latest trend on porn, 3D??
    It would appear to me that females are slowly becoming a fade-away in this industrie, replaced by cartoons and 3D illustrations that leave so much mor room for fantasy.

    • Yes indeed Tatum, that is why we chose one of these 3D graphics for our post!

      Boy, will that make female porn actors jobless in the near future?? And, if so, what will they be doing with themselves if that happens??

  2. Aldo Badoer

    Fancy blog entry this here.

    I like these 3D graphics, i think that it has actually been the porn industry that was at the front of great web design and technical solutions for websites because such sites always appeared to be designed above average, like they wanted to match the visual candy in their photos with something equally pleasing to the eye in their website looks.

    But i want to point out another issue here, don’t you think it is sad to see how our world progresses into this impersonal state of interaction between all of us??
    I do!

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