The People vs. Governments & Corporations

you paid for that too, in fact we all keep on paying for that, a lotIs a peoples revolution against their blood sucking Governments and Corporations inevitable is the question we ask ourselves lately more often than we would call normal!

The short answer to that would clearly be “We hope not”, but…..

When we watch on how banks have invented new service charges for anything and everything they could possibly think off, corporate greed has crushed the middle class, and, now the Government’s try to make the people pay for all their own outrageously stupid and inconsiderate fiscal decisions (or indecision’s).

We compare, 99% (or even if it is just 95 or 90%), that is the clear majority of humans living in any of the so called modern, democratic nations in Europe, Canada and the US. As it happened before in history, no situation in which the “Barons” (top 1 or 5 or 10% of the food chain) have made the rest of the people pay for anything that has gone wrong for them has endured the test of time very long, the majority eventually stood up and demanded….
Enough is enough, and that is not just a slogan that goes for individuals only, it’s also applicable for political systems overall.

We don’t think there is a need for a totally new system though.
Yet, it is absolutely essential that the current so called “democratic, free market” system needs some radical overhaul within itself.

Distribution of wealth maybe a ridiculous sounding term because it is mainly used to describe social welfare, but that is in fact not the true meaning or idea of it.
The general worker and the middle class, the SME etc. are ripped off by either, big corporations or all the endless government taxes and fines and and and, because the government’s have made to many inconsiderate, careless or selfish decisions, grew to big and to expensive to bear, or, on the other hand, have waited with making necessary decisions for so long they where already in deep debt before they finally picked up their office chair ridden b-sides – and now they want more power, more laws, more money from the middle class – plus hand out less and less to the most unfortunate, poorest and sickest of their respective societies to cover all their wasteful management failures over the past 20 years….. and in the process choking everyone (but themselves of course) on the load.
you pay for that and these too. Blah blah blah is expensive on this level, you knowIt would be here where redistribution should come into play.
Governments need to work leaner and more efficient and can not cost the tax payer more than worth getting out of bed in the morning and do some work or go through all the trouble to build up a small company and hire workers.
The role of government, at least it’s fiscal departments, should always have been one of balance. The strongest link of the social chain supports the weakest link, the successful help the losers, the achievers help the no-good-for-anything’s stay out of mischief….

you paid even for that - and will keep on paying for that even if it gives you nothing but hardship in returnThe evolution must happen within all these crazy big government agencies and their multi billion operations, including their IT departments they never talk about what it costs the tax payers, and so many other luxuries they take for granted.

These governments are responsible for the current mess and problems. It should be normal, decent, and the only right thing to do that they also sort it out themselves – long before bothering the weakest link of the chain with cuts in benefits through some backdoor taxes or other inventions, and also long before they start grabbing more money through more new fancy taxes (we are amazed and surprised they have not yet invented a “rubber usage tax” on car tires – or condoms for that matter- and wait, apply that also to all shoes with rubber soles for crying out loud) from ordinary people, workers, SME etc.!

On this note we might also add this “hot potato”.
It maybe just be a coincidence, but when we look at the historic timeline it appears like fiscal irresponsibility has started to mushroom and explode only at about the same time women where introduced into leading government jobs!
Yep, we know, probably 0% of women would agree and 100% of them will be outraged, but from a neutral angle it does indeed look like there is a connection. Maybe the first generation of women in high offices where still used to how things worked in their private lives, their men would pay most bills, and they simply had to (have to) first learn that taxpayers are not the same as boyfriends or husbands (just a wild guess), in any case, proof of fiscally responsible job ethics or education should be one of the benchmarks by which new leading government positions are assigned we think.

you even pay for these, they protect your government from your protest against your government, paid for by YOUIt’s not the retires or social welfare recipients that caused the fiscal problems, it’s the politicians that have looked on and on without implement the necessary controls, abuse prevention, adjustments to the higher age in the general public etc.
(Example from Switzerland: It started in the early 90’s. Big business got into maximizing profits and in turn let go of many employees by way of “a social plan” for the outsourced staff. Social plan mean’t very often to send them to their own internal doctors and let those write up some illness, physical or mental, and in turn these people would all fall into the social net and get handicapped benefits from the government.
This practice was known and widely communicated on life TV forums etc. Woman (who back then usually had gotten the top jobs in social welfare departments) where still for more help and generosity – while the more intelligent politicians, blessed with good foresight, would alert and plead to step in and stop the “labor outsourcing” to health care and social welfare, but, to no avail for at least 15 years – by which the debt accumulated was so incredibly great no citizen has ever seen before)!

How long do all this office stupidoo’s think Mr. and Mrs. Average will swallow all this without eventually yearning for a new French style revoluton?

you pay for that too - plus all expenses associated with this buildingIf these administrators can’t fix their own failing system, then someone from the outside has to get it done.
Naturally, these lofty office King’s (and Queens) do not listen to Mr. and Mrs. Average, nor would they ever admit to their mistakes, nor would they be interested in simplifying their entire aparatus to make it highly efficient and capable to adapt.
So, what else can be done than take it to the streets and to those corporate headquarters and political capitols??

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