Occupy Wall Street

Wall Street NYCLets get right to Wall Street, to big Banks, big Corporations, big Government and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

A movement it must be called by now, if people join in places like Halifax, NS or Victoria, BC in Canada then there must be something to it, something more than the tents these mostly calm and silent protesters put up and something more than the hippie looks of the participants as well.

We at TopQuantum find this Occupy Wall Street movement so important and worth observing because it maybe THE point in hystory that will determine whether we go down that old road of empires self destructing – or if we have truly learned something from the past and moved on and will do whatever it takes to prevent it from happening this time – and frankly we still think that’s what will happen, slowly but surely the message will sink in and things will be undertaken to get back to the only system that guarantees prosperity for almost all, the 2-way street (for finances), in short, earn and spend, no matter if you are a billion dollar corporation or a plumber.
This system does not work when everybody just shuffles money aside rather than spending it right away again…
It can also not work if 5% do whatever they can to shake even the last pennies out of the other 95%.

We have been talking about this for years, we even made a post on this issue here at TopQuantum, the place for opinionated people, the fact that big Corporations and big Government have become the worst enemies of states, literally speaking so!

We do not assume they are destroying the very fabric of our society willfully, not even knowingly or on purpose, we are, however, saying that their relentless occupation with “how can we make even more money easier and faster” has blinded them by their own lights. We are also saying that their infrastructures are way to big to be efficient, that they have no clue what “applied common sense intelligence would even mean, otherwise they would have realized themselves that they bleed out the middle and lower classes – and once those are all bled out there will be nothing left to gain or take from them for even the biggest Dinosaurs (now called Corporations or Government Apparatus) – obviously also the end of their own league eventually.
A system on a self demolition course!

Looking from the broader angle at this crisis of economies, turning for a moment away from Wall Street to look around in Europe we see Greece in trouble, Italy about to follow, and who knows which other country is also near a fiscal collapse there – yet, if the Eurozone loses Greece – so what!
Everyone barks up the “ripple effect” story tree about this, but we doubt that very much, if Greece butts out of the Euro currency and with it out of being a EU member country it will be a good case study for a couple of years down the road, for all to see what will happen to them once back to their own sovereignty. If they do well other EU nations will drop out of the Eurozone, otherwise they probably try to stick around, but really, it does not matter a great deal, Europe is way more diverse and versatile as a bunch of individual nations anyway, they should have kept that “Euro” stuff to business ventures and bilateral agreements of cooperation amongst the various nation and no more.

So, dear reader, forget worrying about Europe, they have gone up and down with their political and fiscal situations since centuries – yet they always found common sense solutions to move on.

But, if you are worried about the US and it’s ever so quiet by standing neighbor Canada than you should simply keep on worrying, sorry.

North Americans lack one asset Europeans have in abundance INTELLIGENCE to sort out the most complex and complicated structures and rearrange them before everything falls totally apart.

The average North American can hardly focus on the here and now, complicated crap like tomorrow, already factored in today, an understanding that structures built need also to be maintained and nourished – or even better, perfectly thought through and planned beforehand, that’s just one and a half numbers to big and to complex for Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Then you look at the “democracy” they have in the United States of America, political posts for sale, whoever can raise the most money is the most likely person to get elected – and still, none of the tax payers in that country ever thinks carefully and openly (loud) about the fact that once such a politician is elected he / she will have deeds to pay back to all those that donated big bucks to their campaign to place their man or woman into the top jobs in local or federal offices.

The G.W Bush case should have opened every bodies eyes. 10’s or even 100’s of millions spent on getting that fellow and his comrades elected, Mr. and Mrs. Smith could not make this happen – but the Military Complex, Wall Street, big Corporations with lots of special interests could. For some that is all fair play and fair game, but as we see and saw, this is the road to self destruction, and for this nation we simply don’t see how they could dig themselves out of the smelly grave they are standing in this time.

We alone could already suggest a number of things the US could do to get themselves back onto solid fiscal and social grounds – but so would many others.
There’s just no use for whatsoever ideas because once they hit Washington you know what’ their fate is, slow and miserable decease kills them all interestingly enough because they can’t unite at the political top of these United States!!


  1. Art Rosenbaum

    Well written and a good summary of what the problem is these days.

    I just totally disagree on your rather swift point that the US would not have the intelligence to dig themselves out of the hole, we have done so before, never mind if we did it because we worked hard for it or got lucky.

    • One can always argue about this point Art!

      In the past the US could perhaps recover easier because there was no China, South East Asia, India or Brasil or what have you to compete against, and that maybe the big difference this time around….

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