Is Canada yet another gangsters paradise?


Yes, everyone loves to (or is at least used to) be polite and friendly in Canada. Out East a bit more than out West perhaps, but none the less, that’s basically what Canada is all about.

So why are we here putting up such an alarming title ??

Maybe we watched that other Clint Eastwood western movie one time to often, you know, the one where he played a preacher and made an entire town paint all their houses red – which the cowards all did!

Are we saying now Canadians are cowards??
Well, depends on the angle you are looking at it, but for sure is one thing, if Mr. and Mrs. Average are so polite (or afraid) they never speak up or stand up against those who use any means to get ahead than you get – well, a country like Canada!

Okay Okay, we’ll get to the bottom of it now.

Say you want to go shopping for some good cooking food and a nice bottle of wine.
Lets say you do this in Germany first.
It will be a bit of a hassle in those Mini-Supermarkets where you have to pay and pack your stuff away all at the same time – yet it is an impossible task by default, but, and that is great, it’s fun to buy food and wine because it’s all in the same store, it’s all in great variety, and it’s all almost dirt cheap.
How they do it? Well, they simply keep the wages of their staff pretty low, and the supermarkets are seldom palaces and usually small but well stocked.

Say you do that in Spain….
about the same scenario as above.

Say you do that in the US of Irrational People (formerly known as US of A). Hmm, here it doesn’t work that way anymore, you find the big grocery chains with some complete fantasy prices to many or most products – but, here you have at least another option in so called dollar stores, some of them carry plenty of food items as well.

Now say you try the same thing in Oh (weija) Canada.
You might end up realizing that there are only 2 or, if you are really lucky 3, major chains that sell food these days. They sell the same products at more or less the same prices, and these prices can’t be beaten – we mean can’t be beat by any other nation on Earth anymore in terms of cost! Well, we don’t know if maybe Switzerland or other rich countries may have higher prices, in fact we also read and hear of the same thing as in Canada going on in Australia, 2 big corporations took over everything in their path (and everything was getting in their path), so they too control the market – and hence set the prices to whatever they feel they can squeeze out of people without risking that disgruntled customers applying for bomb making classes at the local universities (uhhps, just kidding, not that wild i guess, but you know what we mean..) with the eventual intent to blast those crooked food mafia corporations away.

Is there an actual future for such one-way corporations in a country like Canada??

Apparently so, because the polite average Canadians just pays and shuts up, and that is a great breading ground for those modern days dinosaurs (Corporations as well as the mega dinosaur, the political apparatus) – well, at least as long as Mr. and Mrs. Average can still afford their basic needs without further increasing their already big average household debt!

Did we say debt?
Yes we did, and if this is a somewhat familiar term to you dear global reader so it is to us, painfully so!

Which brings us to the age old question (nope, not the one with the hen) what was first, debt or governments run by former university students??

We don’t know this answer, but we can see that something goes terribly wrong in the so called Western World. All the doing, all the business making, all the working and producing – and in the end a few folks once again have almost everything – and the rest – well, is a pest (sorry, is penny less).

Do WE know why?
Not yet, but one of the reasons we can see is this; if a few big corporations, backed by their buddies in top Government positions perhaps at the same time, stack away most of their excessive incomes we have reached the end of the famous consumer society as such, because that system only worked for as long as everyone was willing to spend what they earned and hence keep the buck rolling in all directions.

What is the moral here?
Could it be that the nicer the people – the easier they can be abused?


  1. C. Woodbrink

    Hello, great post here, all though i am a proud Canadian, this has outraged me for years now.

    Let’s hope no one starts suing for being called the food mafia of Canada, but i have to agree, the tricks and atributes the few big chains use to totally control the food market in this country – plus the complete absence of any action by an Ombudsman or the Government at large to limit prices of the most essential daily food items to something everyone can afford – does look all to related to tactics normally associated with mafia stuff.

    What should happen (or at least one tiny little step against corporate control of the entire food distribution) is something they started doing more or less succesfully Downunder, farmers markets.
    Not the Canadian style farmers market the way i can see it here in Calgary, AB, where the farmers sell directly to the consumer – but their prices are often even higher than what the mafia stores charge, but farmers getting together, buy some old, or at least affordable low overhead shed or store in or near towns / cities and run this as a regular, open every day store in which they sell all their produce, fruit etc. plus perhaps also good bread and, of course, their own milk, and all at considerably lower cost than at the corporation controlled supermarkets.

    I personally also love the Asian supermarkets, always a chance to go grocery shopping for a tad less here in good old Canada.

    • We at Top Quantum think that is a great idea, farmers starting co-op’s and sell their goods without any opressive big wig corporation middle man to the consumers!

      Asian supermarkets?? Well, the problem is perhaps they are a bit rare, only to be found in bigger cities?

      We know for a fact that there are countries, especially in Europe, where the Government issues a maximum allowance on the most common daily foods prices, or at least force the grocery stores to over a brand that fulfills their low cost price policy on daily foods, while they can also offer other brands that can have the usual fantasy prices.

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