This Christmas I want a few capable politicians as a Christmas present

Dear Santa……..
i live in a country that could be heaven on Earth.
Sure, we sometimes have brutal tornadoes battering us, but nature’s fury is no match to the pain our political administrators inflicted on us.

Please help us out this Christmas p-l-e-a-s-e, all we need you to do, is deliver us a few dozen of politicians who have some actual fiscal experience, you know, the folks who know that you cannot spend 10 trillion if you only earn 10 billion!!

Could you please find any of these, or have they all become fossils by now??

I know it is asking a lot from you dear Santa, with only five months time to make your selection of a hundred of them, is likely to succeed, YOU will probably be the one!

May I humbly suggest some ways to assist you in your selection criteria, what to look for and what to avoid like the plague?
University graduates, they may know how to say nothing in many words, but have no real life experience and are probably totally useless when it comes to fiscal responsibility.
Females that are just up for nominations because of some “equal opportunity or quota policy” – in short, no person who has never  managed a medium to large enterprise, and does not have a demonstrated record of financial success.
Look for:
Grumpy senior citizens who have tried just about everything in life, including running their own businesses or working as senior auditors in a top tier accounting firm!

I am so sorry Santa, i know this Christmas you will have to struggle with heavily loaded bags full of smart politicians, and that’s no before-breakfast task, but i will promise you that in return i will be ever so good next year and in fact for the next four years in a row!

If i can further help you, dear Santa, than perhaps with the selection process for the right kind of capable politicians, here are some of the criteria i would like to see as the ultimate outcome of the exercise:

  • You should find enough of them to build a majority in the first place.
  • They should all understand that the basis of all and every adjustment in fiscal politics must be a balanced budget, year after year after year, no debt allowed to be made – unless politicians guarantee they will pick up the extra cost in full (ha ha).
  • Once they have established a binding balanced budget amendment, and only then, will they be allowed to tackle the issue of temporary tax increases for people within the highest income tax brackets. The term temporary to be defined here as just adequate to help swiftly reduce accumulated debt levels until they are eliminated. Thereafter the tax increase is to be abolished.
  • At the same time they can look at all socially doable and sensible cuts in spending.
  • Next they should all agree that the top half of the Government income levels must be the first ones to be subject to a very significant salary cap, as these people were responsible for the horrendous debt levels in the first place, not the socially weak, sick, elderly or honest working citizens. The Governing apparatus as such must under take all viable measures to run itself at “best value for the money” operational cost to the tax payers.
  • They all must agree to adhere to common “customer is King” rules towards the tax payers, meaning something like this:

    Tax payers should have more control over what their tax money is used for.

Dear Santa, please be aware that YOU ARE OUR LAST HOPE, make this wish come true, otherwise things will get very bad, and this may or may not effect you too, you maybe no longer able to deliver all those made-in-you-know-where shiny plastic Christmas gifts from the you-know-Mart superstore to our chimney’s.

Thank you Santa, thank you very much!


  1. Anonimous

    Oh my, it had to come this far, only Santa can save us now!
    Good report and some good ideas on how to approach the problem – if only the US form of democracy would work more efficiently and common sense would prevail more often!

  2. Red Neck

    May i suggest you forward this post to some important places, like to Senators or News Agencies, your suggestions seem to be what even we in Hillbillie territory think should be done – while Washington is thinking ….. hmm, what are they thinking over there anyway.

    • Hi Reddie,
      thanks for your comment.
      Just one tiny little correction here, we are aware of the US fiscal problem, and this post is, of course, a direct reaction to it, but on the other hand this could be happening and apply to so many other Western countries at present, mainly in Europe as well.
      Perhaps there are fundamentally flawed structural issues with the Western style democracy, like tax payers have no say in how their administrations use the money or the hierarchical structre in which the top no longer reacts to the bottom (that’s is still closest to us regular folks) ?

  3. Julie

    I just can’t stand these babbling politicians anymore.
    In my youth we did not even know what government debt is, now it is eating us alive, shame on these “people’s representatives”, they sure do no longer deserve our money.

  4. Kimberly

    Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I’m hoping you write once more very soon!

    • Thanks for the “flowers” Kimberley.
      Yes, there is plenty to say these days about the path our wonderful modern societies are going – down…
      If i could write some of these blog posts in German, especially about the part of the world in which this language is spoken, mainly Switzerland, i would have written an entire book worth of things that – well, simply put, stink even there. Just kind of scary to watch on how man kind does not learn from the mistakes of the past, maybe it’s just a natural cycle nobody can do anything about??

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