Average Canadian household debt and Co.

After our initial post under the main category “Canada” we have received a not so amusing – but very typical reply, not through our open to the  public commenting system, but just by email, basically saying the old, apparently on the “automatic button” reply, “if you don’t like it you can … this time not just leave, but a tad more on the profanity side of words!

That is certainly not a common sense or global way to disagree, but, as said above, it appears to be one of the most unfortunate traits of some Canadians.

We should maybe counter to that and say “if you can’t argue your differing opinion in a civilized manner …”. Some people that do not agree may know more in-depth details on why what happens – they are always welcome to share their knowledge through the TQ commenting system for all to share and learn.

Even those that just have a different opinion without any “scientific proof” or background information from “unnamed sources” are welcome to express theirs, that is the whole point of our motto “your opinion is as good as ours”. Just keep it up to Netiquette standards please. We don’t f or p or s anyone else and neither should you.

Having put that out into the open we can get back to business.
It’s not that we are the only ones that noticed something about corporate greed is killing the countries backbones.
Look at this video from CTV – gruesome, isn’t it??

Or maybe no one really cares, it is not clear to us at present, but if WE had this kind of debt, boy, we would stop saying a word and start printing our own Sand Dune Dollars (SDD) immediately!

We have perhaps mentioned that we keep on wondering how things could have gone so bad lately, not only in Canada, but throughout the western economies. The average worker is pressured into working for less or stagnating wages – while market controlling corporations (like the named food mafia or the infamous gasoline corporations) keep on raising their prices at will, increasing the cost of living to painful levels – no wonder people can only survive through borrowing money, at least momentarily.
Topping this off we noticed an ad poster at one of the big Canadian banks saying “get ahead, borrow money” (or the like).
The banks may never get all their money back because people end up bancrupt, but maybe the banks still have an ace up their sleeves and figured out a way to make even more one-way money bundling up those debts and sell them to some stock investors that place short bets on it??

Than we had the Canada Post workers out on strike for a bit more money to balance out the vastly increasing cost of living. They would have been just some of the average workers in the country to bring up the issue of greater and greater imbalance between big Corporations / big Government and Mr. and Mrs. Average – but they too where shut down by big Government without getting what they probably should have gotten.

Why would all this be note worthy??
Corporate greed has gone over board, they shift money one-way only.
The purchasing power of Mr. and Mrs. Average has dropped dramatically – and the obvious is unfolding before our eyes. Mr. and Mrs. Average – and that includes all dumb, sick, elderly, useless, left handed only, weird ones that no one actually wants in their work force anyway – are the ones that buy goods all over the place, they keep small stores alive, they are the ones that fill malls and Department stores during the day time hours when normal people would / should be at work and can not shop or consume.

If Corporate greed cuts all of these people slowly but surely out of the famous consumer society this system will end just like Communism did.

So, is it best to let things run it’s course and hope to get a seat in one of the big Corporations or Government offices so we all could watch the unfortunate rest go down the drain?
The above named “automatic button” approach of some seems to suggest that’s the way to go, may the Empire be with us, or, “after us the deluge”.

Or, is it perhaps better to reflect in writing on what is happening? After all, the bigger the number of tax payers that agree something needs to be done about all this the higher the chance things will eventually move also in that direction.

May we start here with a little suggestion ourselves?
How about big Government stepping in on the onslaught of price gauging by everything controlling big Corporations??
You’d say all they will come up with is another grand standing show??
Hmm, how about the idea of giving back the power to the people by means of “we pay taxes hence we are in the place to say what Governments have to do with our money”?
Someone made an interesting video message on this idea.

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