Here is how Empires (like the US) crumble

History is made in the present.

We can take present history plus old and older history, analyze it all – and may find predictable scenarios for future trends.

Stock traders try this system since the beginning of this type of making money exists, we can not judge to what extent successful or not, but that should not keep us from applying the same analysis to perhaps understand the evolution of nations, why they rise to the top of the world at some frame of time and crumble back into oblivion a couple of frames in time further down the tube.

We start at the result of our thoughts first here.

Empires start to fall apart once their governing apparatus needs more feed (money) than what it’s people can actually produce!

Simple enough, isn’t it, and we assume you, Dear Reader, can see the above scenario in your presence if you live in almost anyone of the so called modern, industrialized nations of this world.

At this point we would like to also mention this web page alongside with the artists paintings on the issue. (Who says human kind has learned anything from it’s own history, sure NOT the administrative side of our societies)!
Here is how it usually starts (natures paradise we assume):
empire_pastoral_state painting by Thomas Cole

After human build up (note, the artist called it “state of consumption”, sounds familiar to anyone?):
empire_consummation by Thomas Cole

They where not so happy after all (to much crap, to great the imbalance between power and the people, equals destruction):
empire_destruction by Thomas Cole

Now they all got it real good – Thomas Cole called it desolation:
empire_desolation by Thomas Cole

We all know now where we stand at – a part of history that has all the looks and feels of repeating itself as it has done so often in the past.
Question: has the human brain actually evolved (grown) in the past 4000 or so years, or just flipped from one interest to another??
Apparently we at Top Quantum have enough brains to understand the picture and to try and live accordingly – but, we are no leading politicians, we don’t even know a politician from a personal meet and great, so we can only speak up, we are probably speaking up at an ocean shore where there’s no echo, so don’t expect any leading Government official will get clued in – oh, wait, these people know much more than we do, in fact they know what they are doing!!
Yeah, exactly right!

But let’s just say, for one minute in history, that an important majority of people, including the ones in movers and shakers positions, would realize what the bigger picture is, and do something completely stupid, try to lower the extent of the cost of the political (and corporate) apparatus! We don’t mean cowardly cuts to those that are already barely surviving, or vital systems of the common society, like education, public transportation, caring for those in need – we mean shrinking the blown-up apparatus itself, the blown-out-of-proportions status symbols they all crave up there, the salaries, the meetings, the palaces they walk their tailor made suits in, the luxury they feel they earned somehow by driving the peoples wealth into peoples debt?
Do you, Dear Reader, think something like this could happen?? Politicians, bankers, CEO’s that generously say “no thanks, we don’t need more greed, we are happy with the same salary our real physical workers get, maybe plus a small incentive bonus for anything we achieve or arrange TO THE ACTUAL BENEFIT OF THE SOCIETY – and this just because they all realize that they destroy the very society that made them powerful, successful and rich? Maybe Bill Gates would – perhaps he already did – but what about the rest of them?

Well, sorry, at this point we have to turn you to another artist, John Lennon with his song “Imagine”

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