HELP, the age of robots is here!

The best thing i can do to start this post on anĀ appropriate note is to shout outĀ a clear message; “I HATE ROBOTS“!

Kick-a-robo-butt-TODAYWhy, what happened??

Look at airline websites these days, you can book your flights directly on their sites, but what happens if you have some issues, you want to book something a bit different than “robo-9-to-5“??
Exactly, you probably experienced that one just like i and so many others these days, there is no actual customer support anymore, unless you want to pay for “special” phone calls to numbers set up so the airline can also make a profit from your call.

I am not sure if this is even legal, selling stuff online without due customer support, but they do this anyway, at least in Europe, but then again, Europe is notorious for not knowing the boundaries between okay and not okay until eventually some law is passed as to many people file complaints.

But, good luck filing a complaint at a Government agency because there’s the same robots situation nowadays, no human cares to talk to you, go online, spend 2 weeks or reading the same robo-texts over and over again and see if you can figure things out correctly or not.
If you can’t, however, there will be someone eventually talking to you, about fines for doing it wrong online, making the wrong booking, applying for the wrong thing, paying the wrong way and so on, many pitfalls in this weird virtual world corporations and governments have created.

The even more troublesome part of this “robotization” is the cost factor. Millions, if not billions – uhpsy, according to
it’s actually TRILLIONS, almost 3 1/2 trillions estimated for 2017 – and how do they all pay for that??
It appears they simply lay off human labor as one factor, which is probably why we can no longer reach any human beings at governments and big corporations!
The rest is somehow rolled over to the taxpayers and customers … and who profits??
The corporations that produce IT robotics and the like, but those are not the companies that hire all these laid off workers, to the contrary, these companies do their best to keep their own human staff to the utmost minimum as well.

So, we (aka normal human beings) can not talk to other human beings who would maybe know the answer to any question we might have, we have to ask a robot.
Is this robot overall actually really still cheaper than a human being??
I don’t know, but these robots do lower our standard of living drastically because we spend endless hours on stupefying computer screens that tell us the same crap over and over again, or feed us with so much non-essential information that we can no longer tell what is fact and what fiction – all the while we could ask a real human being. One straight question and we would get one straight answer, and the closer that other human being’s job is related to our question the better the answer.

Save the planet – kick a robot-butt TODAY


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