Halifax, NS, weather forecast

Wow, we never thought it would come to this.

In younger years we would love to mock older folks talking about the weather – now we put up a blog post about it on the internet, that is so outrageous.

Now let us get to it.

Have you ever read that infamous TV ad slogan “Canada’s most accurate weather forecast”? You probably did – unless you are living way out in the middle of a corn field with no electricity coming to your shed.

Some years ago i was observing ther broadcast, the so called local weather. My TV was sitting right next to a window. It was on a Sunday morning, and the Weathernetwork TV chanell told me without blushing that it would be sunny all day long in good old Halifax, Nova Scotia.
What i saw outside the window was just slightly different!
Humongous deep dark clouds hung over the entire view, and it was just starting to poor down cats and dogs style of heavy rain, along with the occasional lightning and rumble in the skies.

Well, this made it necessary to go for the little “truth in labelling” thing. From than on in i called it Canada’s ALmost accurate weather forecast, or Canada’s most inaccurate forecast, depending how bad their forecast worked out in real life on the spot.

But, if we start to blame one of them we might just be fair and check if any of the other forecasters can do this a bit better?

Yesterday morning my radio alarm woke me up at 07 am, just in time for the brief news and weather. They announced that it would start raining in the afternoon, so, once i left the house i made sure i was wearing the wet weather shoes and have my umbi on me – but, craps in the afternoon, the sun was shining all day long!

Fooled again, these weather forcasters should all be sentenced to multiple hours of listening to The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.

How is it possible that most of Canada get’s such a lousy forecast – while they can deliver a near accurate forecast in many other countries??

Are they using to few and to old frogs?, Are the ladders the frogs should use old and broken, or are they all running expensive computer software that spits out random forecasts like lotto numbers and since it’s nice and cosy inside the office they never go out and check in the real world whether any of it maybe true??

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  1. Rachel Ward

    .. tell me about it, i live on Vancouver Island, BC, and it is no better out here in the western most point of Canada, the weather forecast just plain simply sucks out here too!

    If i catch a couple of young fit frogs in the pond nearby, where should i send them to??

    Cheers, Rachel

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