Google search going overboard

We could not believe it, but it is now officially the strangest fact online, Google has surpassed – yep, i mean on the way down, not up that is!


For the first time in recent history Bing delivers more accurate search results than gone-troppo Google!

That is in fact good news for all those who love competition better than one giant octopussy controlling everything.

So what’s the story here?

We just did a little check for a certain site that sells Celergen and is in German, using (after we also tried this little trick on, with the same weird result)

When we used a distinct search term that we know to be the German sites site title,
Celergen kauf
we can not see this site on page 1 and 2 but only down somewhere on page 3, even some English celergen blog comes before the German site in question we seek out, !
That is completely weird since all the other sites have mainly English text or they only contain this title in German and all else in English because the site owner has submitted it to numerous German Search Engines or Web Directories with this phrase also in the submitted title.
Search results like these make 0 sense to us!
Only when we used the domain name as search term, hence:
the story is different, it not only shows the main url but in addition also the sub pages Google thinks are essential, so it is well indexed for sure, just why would it not show up in front for a German search? (There are not to many other German websites containing the words “Celergen kauf” at all).
We tried another search term:
Willkommen bei Celergen Kauf
the precise title of the site in question. Google instead shows on the first 26 or so results mainly directories this site was submitted to, but not the original site that contains this search term in it’s title, wacky these Google brothers, we think they need a vacation….. a long one…

Than we had an idea, let’s see this same thing on Bing:
see what we mean, that’s search results that make sense, the site that contains this as a title must be on top (unless several hundred other sites have the same title)…..

Obviously, Google is so “clever”, they stumble now over their own feet (the ones they have in their mouths??).
They probably value site traffic or inbound links higher than contents, titles etc., but we had all this before, any vacation rentals search would end up like this already years ago, even using terms like private would not yield private owner’s web sites but rather those massive, all and everything rentals sites instead (no clue if that’s still the case these days because we circumvent Google completely when we search for anything vacation rentals or flights since back than).
Our deer (uhps, dear) Googlee Brothers prefer sites that contain nothing but a link to the site that contains the actual search term they all link to by name ??!!

Should we sarcastically say “another proof of lacking common sense intelligence that fails the US these days in general – well, maybe not fair here as Bing / Microsoft is also located in the USA, but what should those that never have been fans of Microsoft products think now?? Cheese!!

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