Goodbye America

Maybe we scream this out into the desert a bit to early, but than again, the future begins now, and the farther we see in front of us the clearer we experience life (or so).
So, why are we kissing that irrational acting nation goodbye and farewell, who’s to say they can’t recover and all that? Indeed, they could – but hell they won’t (just to sound as dramatic as some other US politicians like to do sometimes). Why not?
Well, that story is a tad longer, so let’s start at the moment America was just absolutely glorious:

Yep, that’s right, those where the times, a band named Grateful Dead sings about some scenery that could be seen in paradise perhaps.
Dolce far niente the American way, and it sure sounds great! Back then they had the spirit to be who they really where and express that in the most free and creative way possible.

But, you all know how things proceeded from then on in and eventually culminated in a certain “Bush warfare” extravaganza that dragged America down into the dirt, politically and more so financially.

Inspired people where “replaced” by corporate zombies, people who had no more creativity left in them but to drive down to the nearest mall and consume what their credit cards could bear.

Politicians said they recovered back then from the great depression and so they would do also this time.
Hmm, are you sure there slackers??
Back then you had virtually half of the planet missing in the big picture, Far East Asia, India, Brazil, well heck, even Vietnam, Korea and most of all massive China.
Now they are all past competition levels, the US can’t really compete with some of them anymore, the corporate world turns out to be a total failure because it’s dinosaur style structure is

  • way to inflexible
  • just like the real dinosaurs, big hungry bodies but with brains only suitable for  small birds

If we look a bit closer we also observe that the US is already well and truly on it’s way to it’s foreseen destination ISOLATION!
Why else would a nation treat their best source of revenue (tourists from all over the world) worse than their neighbors pets?
Sign this form, fill out this online nonsense, allow us to screen you like you are a total criminal, and, oh please, let us keep all your personal data in huge IT databases built and paid for by the tax payer that is already cash strapped, and, note this, when the tourist has overcome all obstacles in paper form they get to travel to the promised land – but, wait a minute, without any rights whatsoever!

Many just stopped to even think about the existence of this nation as a travel spot, who wants to feel like a kicked dog for travelling to a country that has some of the worst records in domestic violence and murderous crimes.

They say “people get the Governments they deserve”, if so the American taxpayer could not really blame the people they voted to Washington.

Somewhere there are those that know how it will all unfold and they want to bring about changes for the better, redistribution of wealth, take the corporate out of corporations, all indeed good and worthy causes, we can only agree and wish they might succeed – yet, we can not even see this happening anymore, the shaky bones have turned into poop, and, the next step can only be – dust.

Some 300 million people with no future (and they all seem to have no idea it’s not just the banks that are to big to fail), or just blinded by their own former bright light, or was it as we always guessed, a nation with a built-in self destruction, already back then in the days of the Grateful Dead??

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