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This first article about the current global financial state of being has been greatly inspired by the Daily Reckoning, an Australia based investment blog. Excerpts from their latest article are high lighted in blue below.

The latest DR report said:
Countries as different as the US and Spain suffered the same fate
The countries maybe greatly different – but their real estate situation was almost identical (and that’s what mattered!!

The future outlook .. suggests inflation or austerity
.. could the world we used to life in actually end the way we know it, could it happen that we all of a sudden end up living in dire circumstances??
Imagine, it would hit pretty much all of the industrialized nations, and it would also clearly mean that this system has failed just as much as communism has failed!!
I hope not!

On the other hand, as long as people like the DR keep on poring out such “cry Wolf” points of views they are the ones that poor gasoline onto the fire!
We need no such “visions” for the future, not unless they have become absolutely a fact in our realities!
Why? Because of a latest article in, that mentioned a new wide spread social issue called “fear”!
The fear of a future with no future in precise wording!

DR and the like do fuel this fear, and, as you are well aware, if there is anything to stop mankind’s advances than it’s fear. Whenever we are overwhelmed by fear we stop being able to think creatively, productive or constructive. Fear blocks us sometimes to a complete stand still, i have just been through that in my final month in Berlin, and i am glad i do not have this problem here in Canada anymore at present, but globally speaking it will take all of 2011, 12 and 13 (outlook on a global scale based on before we reached the end of the fear based tunnel vision.

Best approach is Ostrich technology.
Put your head in the sand and see no evil hear no evil – or, instead, read more often positive stories that give you hope for better times to come or even make you believe you are living in better times that what they appear to be.

Yet, i agree, something is horribly wrong with the way things go in our current times, and i do blame this on politicians and corporations, so just keep on observing the French, as soon as they start unpacking some guillotines you know it’s high noon for the abusers of the common man!

Banks hold a lot of sovereign debt – so that’s where the one-way money is hanging out …  the banks forgot the fundamental principle of the consumer society!

… but if the banks refuse to lend, the trillion won’t flow through the economy…
There we have it, THE topic of the consumer society, money must FLOW, otherwise this system falls apart!
Money spent on social welfare for instance – is money that flows right back into the system, (how else could stores like Wal-Mart etc. be full of customers during regular peoples working hours?) so, not a minute percentage of that Government spending is wasteful in comparison to all the money the overblown political apparatus swallows up like a huge black hole!


  1. Terence

    Uh, what please?

    You start out with this:
    “Countries as different as the US and Spain suffered the same fate” – yet, it is not apparent what this relates to…??

    • Sorry Terence, thanks for pointing that out, ( early (very early) morning post…)

      We where referring to the housing bubbles both countries went through – where the DR simply compared the 2 countries as such, very different in nature – but we wanted to point out that the housing market situation in both countries at – or before – the time of the big bubble burst was almost the same.
      In both countries they just kept on popping up condos and other real estate, mainly aimed at vacation rental markets for investors, beyond anything reasonable in terms of actual demand by eventual consumers.

  2. Amanda in Brisbane

    Hi, i am a subscriber to the DR so i am familiar with their line of thought when it comes to investment backgrounds.

    Their outlook is indeed a bit on the “we expect rain” side of things…..

    Enjoyed your angle on the current (sorry) state of afairs of most modern countries, one wonders what will happen to the developing or under developed nations during these difficult times though.

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