Formula One

It’s the pinnacle of motorsport they say when they talk about Formula 1.

Yeah yeah yeah the Beatles would sing to that, especially since the British are a power house in this sport.

So let us zoom in on some of the outlandish technology this sport has produced and what sets it apart from the rest of the pest.

F1 Drivers say the biggest difference between any other race car and a F1 race car is the brakes. Break later faster in short words.

But, in our point of view the most outstanding feature of Formula One is the constant re-invention of the wheel.
Or should we say the steering wheel? Oh, nevermind, but take once a look at all these buttons, and you are driving through the scenery at something like 300kmh while you should press the right button at the right time, or just pull the knob in either direction with 2 fingers….. Take notice of the advertisement, even the driver needs advertisement?? Crikey in the afternoon!

But lets now go to something they invented that sounds like “lets go back to the future” to us; they invented a rubber mix for the tires that would rub off real quick, how great is that, can anyone top this for idiocy??

It’s true, the Formula One races look surprisingly interesting in 2011, but a lot of it is probably just because all these tire changes and strategies on which tire to use for what short part of the race.

Our favorite F1 driver of the 2011, clearly Kamui Kobaiashi, managed once to be 2nd a couple of laps before the end of the race, but little did we know, he was on the wrong tires while some others where on the right tires, and he ended up finishing the race in only the 7th spot.

We did not really want to go into race details though, we would rather like to point all onlookers on TV sets around the world to the images we see besides the ideal racing line.

The longer the race goes on, the more ugly black pellets of rubber cover the tracks surface. Is that exiting or what, in our environment oriented day and age these stupidoo’s produce more rubber garbage in 2 hours than entire cities in a year (that’s just a rough estimate).

So, there you have it, Formula 1, not from this eco-friendly world perhaps.


    • No kidding eh, plus maybe some bathroom tissues, one never knows what happens on the road…..
      But seriousely, they do have a drinking bottle inside their cars and they can sip from it through a plastic pipe, how romantic…

  1. Etienne Favre

    Guys, i’ve been to the race in Montreal, not that i paid for this crazy spectacle, i was invited by my best buddy, a complete Jacques Villeneuve fan, you know…..

    I myself can’t say i am a fan of motor sports, but, if you can get in for free, why not try before you buy…

    What annoyed me the most was the incredible noise of these race cars, if anyone would have told me before i would have taken ear plugs with me like so many others did.

    The point about the degrading tires you made here at the TQ was exactly what bothered me next, how can this oh so highly sophisticated car racing entity even think of such a crap, piles of rubber all over the place, if it wasn’t ugly enough to the eye and insulting enough to any enviro conscious new age human, there was also a smell around from all the rubber, and god knows if small particles of all the rubber would actually end up in spectators breathing organs or even lungs, and i don’t think that would be healthy.

    Way to go before they can get back to claiming to be the pinnacle of motor sports in my point of view!

    • Thanks so much for that almost live report from your track side experience Etienne.
      Looks like we are not the only ones unhappy with this kind of “Formula Rubber Dumping” going on.

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