Clashing social levels

The ordinary citizen is considered the productive citizen.

They produce all the daily necessities and keep them in working order

yes,that guy too

Over time many many other citizens found ways to use the productions of these working hero’s to make a buck or two of their own off of them.

Over more time gone by these “other citizens” numbers have increased because it is a cleaner, more comfortable way to make a living just selling the productive citizens work with a little profit margin added in.

But, soon enough the balance fell off the scale and those “other citizens” have become parasitic. With that the productive citizens started to get abused by extra taxes, extra fees, extra charges, mainly from Governments and big Corporations such as banks, insurance companies and and and. ….

Naturally, as time moved on and these systematic abuses of the productive class have taken on extreme forms and shapes that often most don’t even understand anymore (types of stocks trading and speculating etc.). So much so that (also naturally) a defense mechanism by the productive citizens has started to slowly emerge and shape.

So far it is only small potatoes against the big systemic machinery, but the writing is now on the wall for all to see and interpret.
In simple words the message is “enough is enough”!

An intelligent clean-up of the worst practices of imbalance and fiscal abuse of the so called “middle or lower classes” is what the “victims” are calling for, but, you guessed it, those doing it and living well or even excessively by it are not amused.

Yet, as things stand at this hour they now have been cornered into a defensive state of being, they will need to learn how to explain their action, they will need to learn fiscal responsibility and they will – most of all – have to learn the hardest thing, the human race can always exist with a productive class, but never by non-productive shover’s of other peoples work.

So, what will we see evolve here, it certainly will be interesting to observe this up and coming social clash.
As it stands right now we have looked on as the Eastern Communist ideals fell apart,all pretty much done and over with by now, currently observing the rather violent clashes in the Mid East, dictators style regimes vs. the abused masses, we notice that the masses eventually won.
We also know from European history that this is an old reoccurring cycle, empires and systems come and go like any other form of life, doomed already at birth to eventually die off – is this also the faith of this so called free consumer society around the Western hemisphere, or are we finding this time diplomatic solutions ending situations that make and keep both ends of the social scale (and all shades in between) happy enough to keep on having this system in place without a violent clash ending in turmoil and upheaval??

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