Web browser pains

What a pain in the bside, Yahoo email decided to “discriminate” against the best browser available – so does Hotmail, and what an adventure to find a solution to their (well, now ours too) problem.

You already asked what we think is the best web browserr?

That would be SeaMonkey, of course, but we are certain you knew that already, right??

If not – you are probably not alone, we are concerned that even the developers of SeaMonkey aren’t aware that their browser is the best one, otherwise they would perhaps be a tad more active and efficient with updates.

To give you a bit of a clue on the dilemma that arose from the Yahoo and Hotmail decision to go for technical settings in their latest updates that do not (yet) work in SeaMonkey here are our findings in our favorite order:

SeaMonkey, simple, low height, a pleasant looking skin and buttons of choice, fast loading, user friendly

Safari, basically a mix between Chrome and SeaMonkey, the only drawback so far, no choices to change the skin – and, NOTE THIS, they managed to use a key short cut for @ on Swiss keyboards to be the same as theirs to open the history panel! Completely inane, as this makes it impossible to use the “at” key combination while using Safari on a Swiss computer, what where they thinking or smoking please??

Firefox, nice skin found, but the big minus here is that it slows down dramatically with every additional tab or window opened. If this would be a real fox, it would be called Fat Fox!

IE. Well, here is to Microsoft’s problem, they think their product should be in your face as big as possible and the websites you visit come in second place, ugly, way to much space used for their top bars, otherwise okay.

Missing an image of Google Chrome here??
You may check out this blog webbly.blogspot.com. We can’t confirm or deny, but we do share the concern after some own odd experiences that we had no explanation for while we where running Chrome on the XP Pro OS, so we just stay away for a little while. Shame, it otherwise would have made for the best alternative to SeaMonkey.

Oh, we almost forgot, if you lokk at the 4 screenshots above you may observe that 3 browsers have 2 search boxes each. Only SeaMonkey can do with one??
Try a key phrase search in SeaMonkey’s single search box – you go straight to the search engine you specified in the settings and get their results.
Try this direct approach in Safari and see it rotate – and stumble! Crap in the afternoon, you have to use the second search box for keyword searches, how inconvenient. At least Firefox knows when the search is not for an URL and does it in the main search box just like SeaMonkey does. So can IE.
Oh boy, Apple is not looking good in this comparison indeed!

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  1. Sean

    Tell me about it!

    Just when you think politics is the only problem the world has Yahoo and Hotmail go haywire too, and we poor slaves of the machine can take our sweet time and see what second best browser we must try to exist on for the foreseeable future (in other words, i am a SeaMonkey too).

    Keep up the good work please, thanks.

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