Berlin, the truth behind

It almost looks like this city never had such a horrific past when you visit it in the 2010’s.

If you just visit as a tourist for a few days, or even a few weeks the same impression may prevail, this is a very active city with lots of opportunities to see something.

Nothing new in Berlin 2014
Nothing new in Berlin 2014

But, if you are the type of visitor who understands that “seeing something” mainly means business, whether that be entertainment business or sightseeing, you are treated nicely as long as you spend money.
So far it is just like any other big city with lots of things to do and see or shop.

Let’s say you liked all that first impression stuff and decided this would be the city you want to settle down for the long haul.
Well, from here on in things could change.
Once you have settled in you will also get jiggly with the locals.
You will observe that “sour” somehow has something to do with the locals.
Sour dough in all their breads, Sauerkraut – well, isn’t that all so German – and thus, don’t be alerted by any means, you’ll see loads of sour faces too.
Sure, the local weather is also not always sunshine but frequently grey-in-grey, so you might think the faces are like the weather, and yes, that is certainly one impact (besides the named belly feeding with sour foods).

So you settle for something like “Oh well, perfect is different, but i can manage”.
But soon you may discover (if you so far tried to avoid thinking about it) the history of this city.
2 World Wars initiated, and you think that’s just some totally unrelated past and completely vanished in the present and irrelevant to the future.

Perhaps so, at least the world war’s may never occur again, times have changed, right??

But as you live along and discover more and more in your interaction with real Berliner’s you might detect what had caused their desire to start huge wars and even opt to install huge factories to mass kill other human beings they simply did not like.

From that point on you might also start to get scared, you might realize this “spirit” of this city was not just so in a long gone past, it IS the spirit of Berlin to be silently hateful of anyone else doing something the 08 / 15 Berliner would not dare or wish to do so.
It’s the “intellectual poison” that makes up a certain percentage of the locals way to think and act, bully and push aside what is not like them – but on the surface they mimic to be fully “multi-kulti” (open to a multy cultural society).

Find this hard to believe??
Read the graffiti or the news, vandalism and destruction of public property is not uncommon. To be fair, that’s so in many cities around the world too, not everyone is happy while others are, and those who feel marginalized by the mainstream society will want to (and should) find ways to make their opinion seen or heard as well.

Yet, it’s not these folks that are the major worry, it’s the real bad ones, the “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, the one’s that look so ordinary and correct you’d never guess they really just wait to trash, bully or push and shove you around, even if rules and regulations exist that should teach them otherwise.

Seen from that angle you can picture a fellow like A.H. being not a leader but just the trumpet of the formerly silent majority, freeing them up to let all their hidden hatred run wild.
Who knows when the next such gifted “trumpet” comes along and promises the Berliner’s and German’s to get rid of whatever they presently hate, Turks or people wearing sandals in winter, people buying French cheese and Italian pasta or their own countrymen who prefer to flee to Switzerland??

Why such a bleak outlook?
They say a society is as good as it’s weakest link.
In Berlin the number of “weak links” is staggering, apparently so, and it is the exact same mobbing tactics that got them into such dire straights as was used to decide to wipe out all Jews for instance, no kidding.
A society that never evolved past the animalistic pecking order!

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