The Search Engine gods, worse than the ones in white

Outrage, outcry!

There we go, more than 200 000 people have worked their bsides off to put some websites online using one of the freely available domain names.

Initially only Bing and Yahoo had simply blocked  all domains from appearing in search results directly (they still appear where ever they are listed, in other Search Engines, in Twitter, or any discussion forum and the like, but that is not the same thing.

It must have be very recently only that Google joined the lynch justice party. Notice the reference, all 3 big Search Engines are US based, and history in the US has it that they have committed unspeakable injustices called “lynch justice” back in the days of the Wild Wild West. Hang them first, ask questions later, i am sure you all have seen a Western movie of that particular genre.

It truly looks like Wild Wild West has moved indoors, cowboy boots where replaced by sneakers, cows – oh well, those poor animals – and last but not least, the saddle has been replaced by – wow, an ergonomic office chair perhaps??

I bet the well paid techies at Google, Yahoo and Bing do have wonderful office chairs and all the coffee supply they could possibly ask for as long as they sit in front of all their pc’s and at least pretend they keep up the focus.

Now, has alerted all existing domain users via an internal email that the big gods in blue (Google, Bing and Yahoo decision makers) are willy nilly punishing ALL domain users (for a few that have abused this free domain name service) at their god given will and asked us all to petition this kind of behavior.

Probably none of these gods in blue can be bothered with complicated things like setting up PROFESSIONAL website checking and blocking systems that check for malicious content on each individual site and block accordingly individual sites with abusive code or contents only …¬† and THAT is the shame of the trade to put it bluntly.

What happened to technological advances these days, did it simply fall into some lynch justice red neck CEO’s hands, or are the techies just to lazy, or is it the old problem in old US of A, everyone thinks you must spend and spend (on paid domain names) otherwise they ban you from their highly enlightened club of money wasters (that don’t really have money)??

Are the 3 big Search Engines (gods in blue) self serving discriminatory b……’s these days that use their dominant position to do whatever they like to, the dictators of the virtual world so to speak, or is it simply time that there is also law and order put into place to everything concerning the world wide web??
Looking at current events we think there’s no way around the later anymore. As long as we could think the big gods in blue are all good and the hackers and spammers are the only bad users on the www. we could perhaps avoid this step, but with the big gods in blue corporations behaving like this the clock rings in high noon for legal messures to stop the lynch justice in the virtual world.

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  1. R.M. Worldwide

    In the meantime things have gone from bad to worse – in case you have not noticed yet.

    The free domain server with has vanished from the surface of the WWW!

    But, the important point to observe here is how Google’s decisions on what they actually show in their search results and what not can kill entire businesses in an instant, and you just begin to ask yourself whether the internet should really remain as the virtual land of outlaws where no one bares any responsibility for their actions??

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