American IT corporations going nuts (bananas)?

Let’s take an absolutely current case study here.

The corporation is called Microsoft.
Without them we would all be sitting in front of electronic Apples, how horrible would that be …
Jokes aside, these days there is not much to lough out loud about either with Microsoft or Apple, but then again, this applies to almost any big US or multi national corporation plus to almost all industrialized Nations Governments, something is going haywire, perhaps just the fact that the imbalance between these “dinosaur style entities” and cost to customers and tax payers has become to much of a burden.

But, we stick to Microsoft for now, and what is going on with their current flagship, OS Windows 8.1!

Are the people loving it or are they hating it??

We certainly love the added function of touchscreen, purists might find this repulsive, but it’s just another “unfair advantage”, why have only a touchpad (on laptops) and a mouse to navigate around the screen if you can also have touch, some things just flow more natural when you can use your fingers right where your eyes already are.

Windows 8 and 8.1 operated computers are also nicely advertised by store sales folks, they say it’s the most stable version of Windows ever, and after a few months with this OS we would almost agree, recalling XP days, crashes and freezes looked more like a built in masterplan than some rare situation due to really really unfortunate circumstances, since W8 this does not seem to happen anymore.

But now to the darker side of the Windows road ….
Over the last 3 days we had to update 3 times, once a full GIGABYTE of updates, than half a GB, and then “only” 300 MB, either this OS is still a Swiss cheese you can’t really eat (unless you are seriously angry maybe) and the latest round of malicious scripts floating around the net again has sent the MS people into a completely mad spin to save the day like Superman, what on Earth is going on here?

Not enough of this round of endless updates, the same frantic updates mania happened already last week, one of which ended in a boot-up problem making a system recovery necessary, meaning a lot of nice photos and other work, not to mention 3 days worth of setting up this weird Windows 8.1 OS so it would do as we please rather than as MS want’s us to – all gone for none, not expecting such an event on this “stable” OS so soon after purchasing a new hardware device.

Talking of Windows OS 8.1 customization’s, what a pain in the situpon.
If they would have been able to shove ALL OS settings into their Android copy-cat settings options all would have been fine, but things are now so hopelessly overdone you have settings in various places and many of the places you find are only one of 2 or 3 you need to check before a change actually works .. or not.

But the probably biggest blunder Microsoft came up with is the “you can not remove this program” stuff.
We are not getting our computers for free, nor do we get our OS for free, so, if we pay for it we should totally and completely own it, that would be standard legal procedure we think – but not Microsoft, for instance with their weird cloud service that seems to change it’s name for no good reason, SkyDrive? OneDrive? ScrewedDrive, or what exactly are we going to end up with eventually??

The story of this particular issue is really really weird, it makes us ask why why why oh my (just because it rhymes).

Why would an American corporation force millions of people around the world to pay for an operating system they can only use if they install it as a Microsoft account user and then force their (still) free cloud server upon all these poor victims of corporate monopolies or “dictatorshipism”??

Have they not learned their lesson back then when they tried to force their banana republic browser onto everybody .. just to see everybody jumping off the tyrants’ ship and boarding the pure Chrome vessel or so??

Are these big US IT corporations perhaps all forced to monitor all their clients by the US Government, so they can control everything and everyone, is that the reason behind this sort of virtual world dictatorship??

Well, let’s email the US Government and ask them .. right, we will get all honest and open answers (or not)!

Looking around the internet we find forum entries and articles after posts and questions about how to remove such things, because it has never been the nature of the human race to let others force crap onto us we don’t want – yet, such thoughts do not cross the minds of an American corporation such as Microsoft, that is indeed food for thought.

The OneDrive issue, however, is not impossible to resolve.
In fact Microsoft did not entirely force anyone into it, they just worked around the open and honest freedom of choice by making it look like there is no other option than running Windows 8.1 as a Microsoft account user.
Somewhere very well hidden, possibly deliberately so, they had an option open to also install Windows 8.1 as a local user!
People who knew never noticed much of that otherwise totally pesky OneDrive being everywhere and begging for syncing action from every corner of your computer.

Good thing there is also an option to change to local user after the initial install with a Microsoft account, we found that described very nicely here.

So, we can catch our breath again, as we can still customize Windows, as long as we do not mind spending a lifetime researching how to do this on How-to web sites.
But the more urgent question arises, are we ever going to get a finished product, one we purchase, have easy access to total customization and never need to install any updates and most of all, no creep and no corporation or Government can simply sneak into and spy on what we do in our own homes on our own devices?? (A totally different story would be what we do that leaves our own homes and devices and spills out onto the world wide internet, that, we agree, should be supervised to a degree that keeps us all safe and protected.

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